Air Plants

So this post is actually about what the inside of my home looks like, people often wonder and ask or say weird things. Well yes, I do love glass, I would actually marry it – it’s the only thing I have been able to commit to long term. I kid. Sort of. Ugh this got depressing fast.
This my front room window where I have on display one Tidal Ball and One Octopy. I actually custom made this one because I bought the air plant and needed something to hang it from – that is where the idea expanded.
It’s been almost two years and I haven’t killed the plant – although I must admit it got so dehydrated I found it on the floor once… er twice.
Available air plants at the adorable boutique French Creek Collective on Campbell River’s Shoppers Row! And Tidal Balls are available at the Raven Song Gallery on Shoppers Row too AND Quadra location. Not local? Tidal Balls are available on our ETSY shop!!!

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