“New Normal”

Here we are, at the end of August – what the heck just happened. And hello September – my favourite time of year when its still sunny and warm but you can wear your sweater in the cool evenings and of course you know it! GLASS BLOWING SEASON!!!!
Glass is finally on route – elements are en route.
The wait is almost over. TideLine Gallery will continue to sell our wares online – it works for us and it feels safer. Our space is too small for people to drop in but we will accommodate appointments –
I will be able to fulfill some tumbler orders, add some items to our consignment agreements, and update the Etsy Shop.

I will be scheduling some Memorial Times – but due to the Covid situation I feel more comfortable fulfilling the orders independently and will not be allowing people in the studio space to view the process. I do apologize but I think its best to stay safe, and blowing glass in a mask – while some do do it – This girl will not. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please stay tuned as I update the Memorial website and add more details.

Blown Glass solid memorial orbs

Memorial pricing will change due to crazy glass demands –
One Memorial will be $125. each
Two Memorials will be $250.
If you order three or more, Memorial orbs will be $100. each.

Good morning Friday

I am one for routines, I like routines – but even I, during this Covid-19 virus I am starting to waiver from the routine slowly. From waking at 6 to pushing it now to 6:45am, the social media days are all mixed together and now I just feel a little lost!
Today is Friday, blog day. And what should I blog about? Well I usually have a calendar that has some already brainstormed ideas planned out that I would normally do on Sundays. What is my world coming to?! I can’t function like this! Or can I? NO.

My heart is filled with joy when I think of our little business, and how others are running their businesses too. What a creative bunch we are, how quickly everyone I can think of didn’t panic (Ok we did, in the shower, alone, and tried desperately not to show fear) and persevered forward, changed a business plan within weeks with quick thinking, positive attitudes and determination… I just want to say how proud I am of you – you, the small business owners, artists, the people I know and we’ve talked and even the ones I have just watched a supported at a distance in good ol’Instagram. Great job.

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Also gratitude. Things haven’t been easy – well things have changed and I think I’ve learned a lot through out this change, and Vicki & I have really talked about how our little gem of a business has changed and what we will keep and what we will go back to. Etsy – what a blessing! Do you know how awesome it feels to wake up and check your Etsy account and it says: One new review. And its 5 Stars – it’s almost as good as that first cup of coffee! So thank you.

If you don’t, you should follow us on FaceBook and Instagram where we share photos of our latest projects. No pressure though! As always, thank you for all of your love and support – we really are just two gals that love to make glass.

The Ladder

2020 Garden Trellis made of transparent yellow bright like the sun made for climbers!

I am moving. I have always been a girl that has been interested in different. Unique. Bizarre at times… I remember announcing to my family that I was moving to Ontario to go back to school, to become my own person and support myself! And my Dad, my sweet sweet Dad was so supportive asked what I was going to study? Nursing?
What?! Nursing! No. Glass blowing! Like it wasn’t obvious. To me it was – to me it’s always obvious but to my friends, my family I see their faces… I see their thoughts of oh wow she’s serious.
Always serious. But with my serious comes a door I hide behind and I freak out! No, I freak out- I question my every move, I lay awake all night thinking of everything that could go wrong, I have scenarios for years… Some times my deep thoughts help and lately well they don’t.
I have a plan, a life plan and uprooting my life is what needs to be done – but I am so tired of being tired that I wish I could just walk into my hot shop and turn on the Glory hole and sweat the stress out. It’s funny how your own mind can beat you down and point out the negative and really surround your own self with stormy depressing rain clouds… it’s actually quite sad because you’d never talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself. Or maybe this is just me?
And if I’m being honest here, the stress is minimal. I have a place to live, I have a job. It’s just collecting boxes and putting the plans into action – and I think, although I am terribly busy with the move blowing glass would rest my mind.
So far I have thought of some new colour schemes for tumblers, new sets I’d like to make. Some bud vases. I never make vases! Who am I?! I thrive in chaos. I said that in my interview… it is true. I thrive in it – when my flight or fight kicks in my brain turns on. Last night my brain turned on and I am ready for my new chapter.
I will always blow glass, I love blowing glass. I WILL be back to blow glass – plus my mom is a pretty good cook. What does this mean for you? Nothing. I have always worked full-time and none of you noticed – I’ll continue to make. Etsy will continue to list and sell… Instagram will continue to share the new, the exciting, and the past. Facebook will still be your go to to snoop at what we are up to next. I promise, TideLine.Org will continue to be your Campbell River glass gals go to! You won’t even notice!

Regeneration in honour of Mother Earth

Isolation, not a new thing for me.  I tend to stay home most of the time,  having my work space and supplies at my finger tips is a bonus.  However; during this mandatory self isolation, that has taken over the world I have found that I am easily distracted.  From funny memes, play on words and goofy pictures of animals I find myself prosing the internet more often than not.  

Reading of mass devastation, worldwide hysteria, hoarding, running low or out of essential supplies to acts of heroism, miracles in the midst of tragedy . Hearts in the windows around the entire world, people making loud noises , sirens, cannons being set off in cheers of thanks to the medical, grocery, cleaning crews who are working so diligently to keep us safe.  

These stories, quips, antidotes have gotten me thinking.  What can I do to depict, commemorate, show my support?  Being a creative person my mind went to, what can I make?  Going through my memory bank I found that one story stood out to me, it was so positive and beautiful, it was in my opinion a gift that the whole world has been given through such a trying and scary time.  

Mother Earth was showing signs of healing, she stopped the world for only a short time and she was able to catch her breathe, to begin to heal.   Mother Earth has shown us that anything is possible, we can as humans make a difference. 

Being a mother myself, having a very strong woman for a mother as well as my Grandmothers being strong and respected ladies made me reflect on what the female truly is, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Mother Earth has been; polluted, beaten up, burned and disrespected .   She has been forgotten, mowed over and unloved yet she has come back, she has beaten the odds and is regenerating herself.  She like all women is strong, beautiful and resilient.

This piece is called regeneration in honour of Mother Earth.


Sea Stars available on line!

I think I am good at Social Distancing – I think I’ve practice this in my everyday life, even before this blasted Covid-19 virus broke out. The only thing now is I am afraid to go grocery shopping, before I was just lazy and didn’t want to go. Now it brings on anxiety & worries – which is silly because I have a good sense and practises in place which include my lysol wipes and a good hand washing upon my return. Now I don’t feel the freedom I once had to run out to grab supplies like silicon, etc. Now it’s gardening season and my patio looks bare – but are flowers worth the risk?
But for the most part I think I have experience with social distancing – I spend a lot of time alone and don’t feel a lot of shake up to my everyday life. But I did miss my best friends birthday – we did the Zoom thing but it felt pretty impersonal. There is the social evenings that I miss – a glass of wine, some laughs. You know?
TideLine.Org has adjusted – I am pretty proud actually of the changes we implemented and to be honest was the long term goal to be an online shop and well day by day here we are. We are doin it! And it feels amazing. Between both our Etsy shops we have more than 600 listings and the response has been incredible. Right now we have a sale on our TideLine.Org Etsy Shop exclusive to Canadians a 20% off Sale with the code TIDE20. Maybe it’s the times, maybe people are finally understanding the importance of shopping local, supporting the artists – THANK YOU! Just Thank you. Every day I say my thanks- and every day when I see the posts on FaceBook of local businesses being supported my heart feels overjoyed. We should be proud of each other, and I hope that when this is over that we continue.
I hope that when this is all over with we wear the custom design t-shirts, we continue to buy the locally made laundry soap, and we continue to support our local butcher & those homemade pirogies. Seriously! I really hope that we learn something here – that not only our Earth heals but that we are rejuvenated and instilled with a sense of loyalty to our own community, our province and our country. So thank you Campbell River!

Mosaic Mermaid

I don’t know what week we are in now of self isolation from this blasted Covid-19 Corona beer virus… Honestly my life hasn’t changed too much but there is this thing I do, I don’t know if this happens to others but when I am told no, I can’t do something that is all I want to do.
I am not a big shopper but suddenly I find myself shopping online in the evenings, “add to cart” continuously when really I don’t need that. And holy does the cart add up! I have refrained but its become a little obsessive. Is this boredom?
I haven’t ordered the parts to my furnace or more glass – and am taking the opportunity to complete all the projects that have been sitting since I don’t know when! Same with Vicki. The other day she came in with five stained glass pieces – all that just needed to be glued in the frames and all she said was “Yea, I wasn’t feeling it” they are beautiful!
The productivity these past few weeks is awesome and I am super grateful for that, and the opportunity available to complete things. Some items have been listed on our Etsy site for sale.
We offer free delivery in the Campbell River area, Courtenay & Comox Valley as well. Do you live further? We can arrange something – I have the time!
Anyway, I hope everyone is staying strong and doing their part to stay home and give this nasty virus an opportunity to die. Enough is enough I say!

Garden Art!

Super pumped this week to be getting some pieces finished – this week seems to be the week to check things off the list. Thanks to Glen for the welding – he has fun with coming up with what to make – these blown glass rondels look so pretty with the natural light behind them! I can’t wait for the Central Island Studio Tour! Things are coming together real nice…
Campbell River & Courtenay areas are going to have some pretty nice lookin’ garden art out there! Just sayin’!