Garden Art!

Super pumped this week to be getting some pieces finished – this week seems to be the week to check things off the list. Thanks to Glen for the welding – he has fun with coming up with what to make – these blown glass rondels look so pretty with the natural light behind them! I can’t wait for the Central Island Studio Tour! Things are coming together real nice…
Campbell River & Courtenay areas are going to have some pretty nice lookin’ garden art out there! Just sayin’!

June One

Seconds ready to go back into the furnace and be melted down!

I have had such a great week in the hotshop! The weather has been amazing, the glass has been cooperative, and my mind is relaxed.  What else can a girl ask for!
Glass is becoming more and more harder to find.  The glass I use is no longer made – and most would think its just glass! I have some old wine bottles you can have.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.  So – instead of panicking (again) I have done what I should have been doing all along was sort my clear, and recharge as I go using half new glass half upcycled.  But anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of princess.  Regardless, I spent a day sandblasting the seconds and charged the furnace with the used glass.  Not only did it clean up my shop a bit, it freed up my favorite bowl and has allowed me a few more days of blowing with nice, clean clear glass!




My week has been spent making Tidal Balls, some pieces for some Garden Art, and well terrariums.  I want to create functional.  I wanted something new.  Sometimes – a nerd moment I will walk the garden centers, and look at all the beautiful plants.  I even bought a few for my balcony when I saw the air plants.  Then I found myself on Pinterest.  Anyway – I tried it.  I like it.  I call it the TidalPus.  You know like the Octopus but Tidal for Tideline… I’ll stop.  These plants are misted a couple of times a week – no dirt, no fuss.  My kind of plant!
Want to see them in person? Vicki and I will be at the Nanoose Bay Art in the Garden Show June 23 & 24!



Colored Memorials.  I did the photo in B&W to respect the family. 

What else have I been up to? Memorials.  I have met some beautiful people that have shared their stories of their loved ones with me.  I feel grateful I can create these treasures for people and maybe help a bit with the healing of their loss.
This week I did some with color, and some without.  All of them turn out beautiful.

Spring has Sprung!

Happy April! We made it through the cold winter with so much (now I can admit) beautiful snow! I love spring – everything is revived, fresh, and colorful! Who wouldn’t love spring?!
I blew a little glass back in February – worked a lot on the sea urchins and even some garden art pieces.
Unfortunately I hurt myself in the hotshop – shoulder injury that put me in a sling and light duty for what felt like eternity.  Anyway – the shoulder has improved and I am able to complete the urchins – some are hanging because who wouldn’t like a hanging sea urchin and some aren’t.  Some are extra large too – because I was in the experimenting mood and that is what I came up with.  Stay tuned on that one because there is more to it.

Save the date! June 24 & 25 is the Nanoose Bay Art in the Garden show and guess who will be there! That is right! Vicki & I will be present!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

11880539_10153560905531228_3128987903256017413_nThe beads are of glass and made by yours truly – ok the other yours truly, Vicki.  Vicki got tired of making the traditional jewellery with her beautiful beads and decided to make some spiders.  There is a story to them, a Christmas one if you can believe it.  But I (stole) took one, an orange one, orange is my favorite color and hung it from my rear view mirror in my car.  It is super cute! These are great as sun catchers, Christmas tree decor (you have to google the Christmas spider story), or your car! Those are just my suggestions – feel free to display however.  Just enjoy them!11904717_10153560905481228_5994650965742455360_n

‘Tis The Season!

Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you! Your support, your love, and all the encouragment has made my year! The facebook auction has been going awesome, better that I could have hoped for! So I have a Merry Christmas for one of my fans… I have ONE Jelly Fish left that I’d like to give away on December 24th as a ‘Thank You and Merry Christmas” from me!  The details for the giveaway will be on the II Lines Glass Designs Auction Page & Fan Page

The Jelly Fish GiveAway as a Merry Christmas & Thank You!

I have been working hard on a Christmas Gift for one of my peoples… Soon Ill share a picture with you all! I wish you all a Safe & Happy Holiday! ~ Toni

Check In

Good morning Sunday.  Last week was my mothers birthday (Happy Birthday Victoria!), so we decided to celebrate at the Calico Tea House in Ladysmith… and got our tea leaves read.  With high hopes of a glimpse into our futures we were left with more questions than we started with.  Good news, I am on the right path and am excited for the near future even though she saw no lotto max winnings in my future.
The II Lines Auction group is going fantastic, better than I ever could have imagined.  So these upcoming weeks I’ll be posting more glass pieces up for auction as well as some of my crocheted creations.  Also I updated my Etsy site with new pieces and am getting great response from all over!  And Bowsers Salish Sea Market must be running out of my glass work… So thank you thank you thank you!

This blue jelly is currently up for auction on the II Lines FaceBook Auction!


This year has been full of changes, career wise… taking the glass route down to part time and seeking outside employment.  I must admit, before all of this was happening I was feeling very negative.  But as the art shows started to happen and sitting under a tent selling my wares was turning successful… and finding a retail job… life hasn’t been all bad.  I guess I have some things to be thankful for right! I am a little sad that my plans didn’t work out exactly how I had hoped, but I am making due.  Soon I’ll have my furnace warmed up again, I visualize that daily, and when I do… well you won’t be seeing any of me only pictures of the new glass!
I feel so thankful to have found the Salish Sea Market down in Bowser to represent me and display my art work… the setting is perfect for my pieces.  I have had a few emails seeking the Jelly Fish out, I have one up for auction ending on the 18th of this month, one on Etsy, and a few down in Bowser!  As well as some bowls, sand castings, and I think maybe even a tidal ball or two.
The FaceBook auction has been doing really great, and keeps me pretty busy! That and felting! Stay tuned!  With that being said, I will not be attending any shows this Christmas shopping season.  I don’t mind though advertising any shows on the island that might interest my following! So send me links and Ill do my best for you! As always, thank you for your never ending support and encouraging words!