The Ladder

2020 Garden Trellis made of transparent yellow bright like the sun made for climbers!

I am moving. I have always been a girl that has been interested in different. Unique. Bizarre at times… I remember announcing to my family that I was moving to Ontario to go back to school, to become my own person and support myself! And my Dad, my sweet sweet Dad was so supportive asked what I was going to study? Nursing?
What?! Nursing! No. Glass blowing! Like it wasn’t obvious. To me it was – to me it’s always obvious but to my friends, my family I see their faces… I see their thoughts of oh wow she’s serious.
Always serious. But with my serious comes a door I hide behind and I freak out! No, I freak out- I question my every move, I lay awake all night thinking of everything that could go wrong, I have scenarios for years… Some times my deep thoughts help and lately well they don’t.
I have a plan, a life plan and uprooting my life is what needs to be done – but I am so tired of being tired that I wish I could just walk into my hot shop and turn on the Glory hole and sweat the stress out. It’s funny how your own mind can beat you down and point out the negative and really surround your own self with stormy depressing rain clouds… it’s actually quite sad because you’d never talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself. Or maybe this is just me?
And if I’m being honest here, the stress is minimal. I have a place to live, I have a job. It’s just collecting boxes and putting the plans into action – and I think, although I am terribly busy with the move blowing glass would rest my mind.
So far I have thought of some new colour schemes for tumblers, new sets I’d like to make. Some bud vases. I never make vases! Who am I?! I thrive in chaos. I said that in my interview… it is true. I thrive in it – when my flight or fight kicks in my brain turns on. Last night my brain turned on and I am ready for my new chapter.
I will always blow glass, I love blowing glass. I WILL be back to blow glass – plus my mom is a pretty good cook. What does this mean for you? Nothing. I have always worked full-time and none of you noticed – I’ll continue to make. Etsy will continue to list and sell… Instagram will continue to share the new, the exciting, and the past. Facebook will still be your go to to snoop at what we are up to next. I promise, TideLine.Org will continue to be your Campbell River glass gals go to! You won’t even notice!

My Mothers House

Vicki Johnson

You may or may not know that TideLine.Org is at my parents house – they live out in quiet Oyster River, BC with a huge shop that houses the production of all of the glass… the hotshop, the stained glass, the cold shop, woodworkings and even the welding. I am describing it as massive when really its not – we get super bitchy with each other when we are working in our areas because we have to move stuff into the other areas, etc. Vicki also is known to “borrow” tools and never to return them… Anyways.
Then we have the small studio space where we can display, store all of the made up pieces that we proudly share with you all daily – you’re welcome! And of course, thank you for your support!
So Yesterday I go to the glass studio in hopes to make – I didn’t. Lately I have had grand ideas but no energy or drive to carry out which isn’t like me… but these times gah! There are no words.
#Covid-19 – thank you for making the world stop. I always wondered what it would be like if the world had to stop. I mostly wanted this when I lost my Grandpa and people were posting about their dogs on social media and I remember being so angry because people weren’t recognizing the loss that we just endured. I can be so self centred at times – The world is forced to stop now and really makes you think about things. Where do I want to be? What am I doing? It’s actually a little uncomfortable with all the silence and self reflection you’re forced or I feel forced to face. But at the same time I am thankful for this experience – because it has made me think.
So yesterday, not creating my amazing idea that I have had planned out was sitting at the table with Victoria – I call her Victoria when she is just so unruly! She said I don’t like my house. So she convinces me to help her rearrange her furniture, and basically dust… she’s a trickster that way! As I am moving things… suddenly I see a table FULL of glass – some with the price stickers still on them. It took three trips to the tiny studio to put the glass back out for sale. She – yes, Victoria had the nerve to say Hey! I said NO!
She’s a stinker that way – Anyway, when I left I think she liked her home again. Maybe tomorrow for Sneek Peek Saturday I’ll post from her living room…

Have a wonderful Friday Friends. Stay home, wash your hands! Much Love to you!

Self Isolation Week 1 ✔️

OH MY GOSH… I always thought I was a team player but you know what, I am not. I have always been the leader, or the manager and it was because I could set the path. I have always been open to peoples ideas and opinions but now more than ever I feel like I am not in control. That I am relying on all of my fellow humans to stay home and stop spreading this awful virus #Covid-19 that buries fear deep inside.
He is going to hate me, he is a pretty private person when it comes to the internet but you know – I grew up with him, sat for literal months in a hospital room with him. He would take a nebulizer to school with him so he could breath and continue to learn. My mom would pound on his back to break up the mucous in his lungs because he would be weezing so bad from not being able to catch his breath. And when he told us that he had this virus, and that night on the news some 20 something or 30 something punk said its for old people – he’s 36. He’s 36 and he is suffering. And now we can’t get to him if we tried. And my family and I are relying on strangers to stay home and #flattenthecurve. And it seems like we are asking the impossible. This thing is real, and it’s scary. I’m scared – not for myself but for my brother, my parents, and Grandmother. And you should be too young or not.
And then there is our business. And other small business owners out there – trying, brainstorming and racking our brains to adjust QUICKLY to this crazy time. I feel like I just learned how to promote our beautiful glass business on social media for the locals and now I have to learn to promote it out there in internet land. It is such an unreal surreal feeling… I can definitely say I did not see this coming. And how does a business plan for this?! My fellow business friends texting, scared and even planning on losing it all… Umm I don’t want to. My mind needs to blow glass more than ever right now, the blowing that kept my mind occupied.
Things have gone so dark in my mind that I don’t watch cable if I don’t need to and I have unfollowed any news related post on FaceBook – I am a huge believer in manifestation and the laws of attraction and this folks is asking for a long road of lonely hell with a cold.

I am trying to keep normal in my social media routine except for today – I just felt like writing. But even that is down in numbers – unless you are posting about toilet paper or the doom and gloom of Covid-19 virus the Campbell River People aren’t interested. Now is the time to like those Business pages, heart every damn post they post, give them reviews, buy the gift certificate even… Keep them alive.
It was Dakotas birthday on Monday and months before this all came to a halt I promised him a trip to Nanaimo to go shopping, the guy loves Chapters… so Monday we did a virtual shopping trip. It was fun for what it was but it felt good to make the guy happy!

Officially Spring & Air Plants

Oh thank you universe we made it! Spring is here, winter is done. The plants are sprouting, the air is warmer. Although we are still in this weird Covid-19 virus epidemic where we are stuck at home alone in seclusion away from other people… but the sun is shining! I will probably go out and enjoy beautiful Campbell River from the ocean floating around on my paddle board.
I have been behind the scenes on the creativity side – I have been struggling with some cold working ideas, sand blasting etc so occupying my mind with our Etsy site. I love the stats, the numbers, the competition. There is so much research that goes into social media – when should you post on FaceBook, what should you post on Instagram… and how many listings you should post on Etsy and then there are search tags. OMG overwhelming! But oh so fascinating and challenging.

So if you’ve seen TideLine’s air plants – the glass holders are for sale and available on ETSY! Sale for Canadians is 30% until April 1 code TIDELINE. Also other items listed is my Chakra inspired garden bells… bright and fun for the outdoor patio!

Maintaining Normal

Am I just fooling myself with this normal idea? With this #Covid-19 virus everywhere and now self Isolation … things are getting real. Someone close to me has it and it a real kick in the heart and it’s tough to maintain positivity when the news, the world, social media is just telling you about the bad. So aside from making I am not watching cable, I am avoiding Facebook other than the TideLine.Org page and Instagram – if its not a cute dog photo I am not looking. I can’t – that rabbit hole of darkness is overwhelming.
So I have taking to Etsy to upload everything we make up there to stay available, to stay at the front of your minds when you think of local Campbell River Glass gals because SOON very soon life will be ok again. I also broke out my crystals, made a healing grid, and am using my Amethyst cup to calm my nerves.

So what is normal for Thursday? A throw back thats what!

Remember friends, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!


It is scary times out there right now but what I love is how caring and understanding every is being. This seclusion, this lock down, the unknown is unreal, or surreal. I feel lost – I am not sure what I should do with myself…
I am an over thinker, a worrier and right now I need to keep busy so that is what I am doing. I am so thankful I can call this beautiful Vancouver Island my home, Campbell River has the most beautiful scenery. I have found myself at the beach with my dogs just taking in the beauty. I have been able to finish some blown glass pieces that have been sitting for ages! I have been able to also update our Etsy shop!

So with all of this being said – we are closed to the public at the moment but will continue to do our online sales and arrange delivery on an individual basis. Thank you all for your continued support!

So it isn’t all bad… right??!

Stay safe World – and wash your hands!

#MeettheArtist Toni Johnson

This week its my turn… and I really hesitated on what to say!? Who likes talking about themselves!? So here – how well do you really know me, Toni Johnson?

It is true – I went to Elementary School here, I attended Willow Point Elementary & Penfield Elementary school in Campbell River, as well as Southgate for a year back when it was a high school.
I attended Port Hardy Secondary School where I graduated and lived for 15 years.
When I was 26 years old I moved to Ontario and graduated from Sheridan College after studying Glass! I majored in Glass Blowing & minored in Sand casting. When I graduated I moved home – to Campbell River.

What I want for you to know is that I am a Glass Blower trying my absolute best always. That I strive to be on centre, thin, and want to be known- what do I mean but that? I want you to pick up my cup and say this looks like a “Toni Johnson” cup. Or when you meet another glass blower you say – “Have you heard of Toni Johnson?”
What I want for you to know is that even when I am not in the hot shop I work day and night at this beautiful business we call TideLine.Org.
I love my life, I love what I do and every day I feel absolute gratitude for it!