FaceBook Give Away!

Hey its December 1 today.  December – the last month of 2019.  What a whirlwind.  I love December mostly because it involves a lot of chocolate and cookies.  Why do we only bake in December?
So being its December 1 – you have 24 days to get those thoughtful gifts for the people you care about or feel obligated – I kid.  Kind of.
Maybe I can help? TLG has some classic Tidal Balls with the cute lil story that can hang inside or out.  JELLY FISH! Everyone loves the Jelly Fish – there is still a handful of those left.  Some beautiful silver jewellery made by Vicki.  We have gifts from $5. and up that are thoughtful, unique, and locally made!

It’s Give away time – super easy to be entered into the draw all you have to do is LIKE the Tideline.Org Fan Page on the FaceBook.  Comment & Tag a friend on the video of the Tidal Ball post.  Share the Video to your page! That’s it, that simple, that easy.  When will you get the message you won? December 15! 

Shop local, make a difference in a small business life.  We work hard.
Grab that hot drink, walk the Shoppers Row, admire the decorations and let the Wintery Christmas Spirit in… Merry December 1.  Love you all!

Enter to WIN!

When you come to the Open House this weekend November 15 – 17

Friday 12-8pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-4pm

There will be ballots for you to enter your name into the draw… and you are asking but what could I win?! Well Susan – you can win a Jelly Fish.  You read that right, and if you’re not a Susan you can still enter the draw!
You must be present to write your name on the ballot, the draw will happen Sunday at 4pm.  Three days – may the odds be forever in your favour! 

Please note this is a picture of A jelly fish and not necessarily the one to win!

Business talk

Yes, Vicki and I meet quite often and talk about the inner workings of TLG, what’s working, what isn’t.  Who’s art is better – I kid.  Every business talks business, they talk marketing, presentation, sales, audiences – and then its strategy.  It’s planning and forecasting the future and the needs of the business.
Out meetings aren’t structured, it’s usually at the commercial break of Say yes to the dress, or over dinner that I have invited myself to but nonetheless we do talk about it often.
I think we owe it to our community, our friends, our families, and your friends family to shop local.  Because that one sale means more to us than the one you just spent at the big box.  Can’t afford it right now? You can still do your part –
Every morning I try and blog – because this invites you into our space, into our thoughts and feelings.  I review the stats – how many people actually read and how many just like and pass by.  I review the TLG Facebook page too, whats the insights, who is liking, who reviewed, msgs, etc.  I love posting and watching for the reactions.  And then I switch over to Instagram – I am still learning the “gram” and I think I am beginning to get the hang of it.  But every day we get one more person following… and I feel like the popular kid (finally!)
It’s actually pretty cool the networking I have found myself doing, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones – this is a pretty talented and loyal supportive community we live in!
Like, comment, and share those local businesses.  It helps more than you think! So as always we are so very grateful for your love and support, have a wonderful Wednesday and I hope to see all of you this weekend at our Open House! Did you see the Gift Tour in the paper today!??!


Yay! We did it! 5/5 or 100% whichever way you want to spin it TLG has been recognized and recommended! And all the thanks to you all who have written such kind reviews, we truly do appreciate you all helping, and supporting as we grow our little dream.

I hope you all come to our open house this weekend, we will have some goodies, lots of smiles, and new things to show you! Can’t make it this weekend? That’s ok, we have our hours posted on the Website and we are pretty flexible and can arrange by appointment!

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!


Did you see us in the local paper under the Campbell River Annual Gift Tour!? We are #24 – last but not forgotten.  This is our first year participating and we are excited to share with you and show you our work space.  We want to celebrate with you, this year has been incredible.  Vicki & I have so much gratitude in our hearts, we love making and sharing and you all have been so supportive.

It should be a fun weekend, we have some talented friends to join us with some handmade childrens’ clothes, and a few more surprises! It will be worth the 15 min drive to Oyster River to visit, support, browse, and always a good laugh!

“2277 Upland Rd. Oyster River (Turn off HWY at Croydon)
Nov 15 Friday 12-8pm
Nov 16 Saturday 10-5pm
Nov 17 Sunday 10-4pm
TideLine.Org is your local glass artists that feature blown glass from terrariums, to tumblers, to garden art.  Our focus this year has been healing, working with chakra inspired symbols, crystals, and colours.  We love all glass and work with stained glass and incorporating driftwood making each piece unique and original.  We also make jewellery using sterling silver and copper, specializing in stacking rings.  Join us at our studio and see what we have been working on all year! Thank you all in advance for supporting your local artists.”

For FIRST time, and only for the event we are offering a DIY class:

Make Your Own Jelly Fish.  The cost $75. includes everything you need to make your own glass beauty (please note the glass top has already been blown and ready for your own unique style).  You are welcome to bring items of meaning to hang on the tentacles like gem stone beads, charms, keys, buttons, use your imagination.  Please allow yourself a few hours to complete – this can be time consuming!



Make Your Own DriftWood Garden Bell.  The cost $50. includes everything you need to make this beauty.  If you want to bring but not required your own beach findings to include that is welcomed.  The blown part is already made and provided! Please allow yourself at least one hour to complete.

Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair

Fast approaching is the Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair and Vicki and I have been busy preparing, finishing, brainstorming, list making, and of course watching 90 day Fiancé.  This show is in less than a week and are we ready?! Ah, heck ya we are! Why? Because we have Glen on team TLG who ensures our displays are made and painted.  It’s truly a family affair.  We are excited, its been awhile since we set up and we have some new things to show as well as the classics like TideLines, Driftlines, Jelly Fish, Tidal Balls… what’s new? Chakra! Silver Jewellery! That is all I am saying.

Friday November 1 12-7pm
Saturday November 2 10-5pm
Sunday November 3 10-4pm

Beban Park, Nanaimo



The happenings at TLG

Things are happening, there’s lots of movement and some intense energy around TLG lately – which we couldn’t be more grateful if we tried.  Vicki and I were conversing yesterday over breaky (which please note I, Toni Johnson made) about everything that is coming up, what we need to do to prepare, and well… we are busy.  And I get to blow some glass!
We are really excited about attending this years Nanaimo Professional Craft November 1 – 3 at Beban Park Center.  So that means we need to make a few things! And quickly too.
Vicki and I made a new friend Iona at the French Creek Collective, its a beautiful local boutique shop on Shoppers Row with home decor, supplies, lessons and now carries the newest edition to the Tidal Ball collection as well as the Air Plants from yours truly.  If you’re looking to treat yourself or looking for a gift check this shop out!