Check In

Good morning Sunday.  Last week was my mothers birthday (Happy Birthday Victoria!), so we decided to celebrate at the Calico Tea House in Ladysmith… and got our tea leaves read.  With high hopes of a glimpse into our futures we were left with more questions than we started with.  Good news, I am on the right path and am excited for the near future even though she saw no lotto max winnings in my future.
The II Lines Auction group is going fantastic, better than I ever could have imagined.  So these upcoming weeks I’ll be posting more glass pieces up for auction as well as some of my crocheted creations.  Also I updated my Etsy site with new pieces and am getting great response from all over!  And Bowsers Salish Sea Market must be running out of my glass work… So thank you thank you thank you!

This blue jelly is currently up for auction on the II Lines FaceBook Auction!

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