My Christmas Email!

Hi Friends! The holidays are fast approaching and I must admit I am excited! The rest can’t come soon enough… but I do enjoy the hype just before! Seems this is the time I see everyone I know, I wish it was Christmas all the time! So against my better judgment, due to my glass addiction my furnace is on and I am planning on doing a few blow slots before my big holiday! So I will be glass blowing here at the Tide Line Gallery for the next two weeks! I have nothing huge planned, I just want to get warm maybe make some sea stars and jelly fish… maybe try out a few ideas. Hey! Even get some Christmas Gifts done! Our sale commences tonight at 4:30 when I close for the night, but come tomorrow I thought I’d try a “Pick your own discount” where I have savings in a jar, from say 10% – 50% off specials in a draw form from tomorrow until the 24th! Sunday is the second Pier Street Market hosted in the Maritime Heritage Building from 9am – 3:30pm! There are only two markets left, great vendors, awesome locally handmade gift ideas! There are “Eddies Angels” made and for sale here at the gallery as well, unique little stained glass angels have been thought up to raise money for a new bed at the Campbell River hospital! More information about that is on my blog… just follow the website! And any tips I make during my glass blowing sessions I will donate to this cause as well! As always, Vicki and I appreciated you and wish you the merriest Christmas!

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