Out with the old

Whats going on? Its spring cleaning er fall? cleaning… I can’t stand all these bins of glass and jewelery left over from the summer.  I want it gone so I can start on something new… Instead of a sale, because everyone does sale I’ve decided to start an auction on FaceBook where I’ll put up photos of my work with a starting bid and a closing time and see what happens.  So far on another site the plant stakes have done well, so I think I may have something here.  
Also, I’ve posted some .925 Silver Jewelery as well as some fun jewels, quilted christmas balls and crocheted gloves and hats… and invited my friend Melanie from Miss Priss to post some of her handmade dresses and accessories! 

So if you’re into some online fun bargains, and keeping Christmas in mind you should really check out the group!  

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