To be called an Artist you have to be inspired to create.  You can create with sound, ink, a camera, a saw, even a glass cutter or a blow pipe.  How are you inspired? I love where we live – I love the storms for the intense colours, the mess, the water, the sidewalks of leaves and branches.  We live here on this beautiful Vancouver Island where nature surrounds us, where the birds are present and loud, the bears are fishing on the same stream you’re walking beside, and the whales are jumping as you watch from your balcony drinking your morning coffee.  I like to think I am always inspired –

I find the Energy that surrounds us inspiring and fascinating and lately as it has been what I am drawn to create.  I find I am successful when I create for myself, for what I crave instead of what I think others will want from me… a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over yet I keep getting the same results!

Crystals fascinate me.  And glass – but thats a given.  The two need to be together.  As you watch me on my journey you will notice the use of Crystals in my work – and the colours I choose and the why’s.  The research is endless as are my goals.

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