Self Isolation Week 1 ✔️

OH MY GOSH… I always thought I was a team player but you know what, I am not. I have always been the leader, or the manager and it was because I could set the path. I have always been open to peoples ideas and opinions but now more than ever I feel like I am not in control. That I am relying on all of my fellow humans to stay home and stop spreading this awful virus #Covid-19 that buries fear deep inside.
He is going to hate me, he is a pretty private person when it comes to the internet but you know – I grew up with him, sat for literal months in a hospital room with him. He would take a nebulizer to school with him so he could breath and continue to learn. My mom would pound on his back to break up the mucous in his lungs because he would be weezing so bad from not being able to catch his breath. And when he told us that he had this virus, and that night on the news some 20 something or 30 something punk said its for old people – he’s 36. He’s 36 and he is suffering. And now we can’t get to him if we tried. And my family and I are relying on strangers to stay home and #flattenthecurve. And it seems like we are asking the impossible. This thing is real, and it’s scary. I’m scared – not for myself but for my brother, my parents, and Grandmother. And you should be too young or not.
And then there is our business. And other small business owners out there – trying, brainstorming and racking our brains to adjust QUICKLY to this crazy time. I feel like I just learned how to promote our beautiful glass business on social media for the locals and now I have to learn to promote it out there in internet land. It is such an unreal surreal feeling… I can definitely say I did not see this coming. And how does a business plan for this?! My fellow business friends texting, scared and even planning on losing it all… Umm I don’t want to. My mind needs to blow glass more than ever right now, the blowing that kept my mind occupied.
Things have gone so dark in my mind that I don’t watch cable if I don’t need to and I have unfollowed any news related post on FaceBook – I am a huge believer in manifestation and the laws of attraction and this folks is asking for a long road of lonely hell with a cold.

I am trying to keep normal in my social media routine except for today – I just felt like writing. But even that is down in numbers – unless you are posting about toilet paper or the doom and gloom of Covid-19 virus the Campbell River People aren’t interested. Now is the time to like those Business pages, heart every damn post they post, give them reviews, buy the gift certificate even… Keep them alive.
It was Dakotas birthday on Monday and months before this all came to a halt I promised him a trip to Nanaimo to go shopping, the guy loves Chapters… so Monday we did a virtual shopping trip. It was fun for what it was but it felt good to make the guy happy!

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