FaceBook Give Away!

Hey its December 1 today.  December – the last month of 2019.  What a whirlwind.  I love December mostly because it involves a lot of chocolate and cookies.  Why do we only bake in December?
So being its December 1 – you have 24 days to get those thoughtful gifts for the people you care about or feel obligated – I kid.  Kind of.
Maybe I can help? TLG has some classic Tidal Balls with the cute lil story that can hang inside or out.  JELLY FISH! Everyone loves the Jelly Fish – there is still a handful of those left.  Some beautiful silver jewellery made by Vicki.  We have gifts from $5. and up that are thoughtful, unique, and locally made!

It’s Give away time – super easy to be entered into the draw all you have to do is LIKE the Tideline.Org Fan Page on the FaceBook.  Comment & Tag a friend on the video of the Tidal Ball post.  Share the Video to your page! That’s it, that simple, that easy.  When will you get the message you won? December 15! 

Shop local, make a difference in a small business life.  We work hard.
Grab that hot drink, walk the Shoppers Row, admire the decorations and let the Wintery Christmas Spirit in… Merry December 1.  Love you all!

Monday Funday!

A few things:

  1. The sun is shining and that always makes for a great start to a day, a Monday, and a week! So yay for warm sun!
  2. The Studio is open today 10am – 4pm.  We’d love to see you.  Lots to choose from for Christmas tree ornaments like Angels, Paws, Trees… And some pretty unique jewellery pieces and glass pieces that make for cool gifts!
  3. My family has come up with a “Handmade Gifts” this year… meaning we have to make our gifts to each other *groan*.  What will I make…. needless to say Emma is being turned on today and the glass furnace should be up to temperature by Friday.
  4. Some available appointments for Memorial Orbs… and by some I mean limited this is a unplanned & short notice for all parties.  I do apologize but I am excited to get back into the heat.
  5. Custom Jelly Fish – you wanted Purple? Email me.  You wanted Blue with red… email me. You wanted Yellow with purple (ew but ok) email me.  I will do some custom but this will require a deposit.
  6. The Johnson pack: Lily 6 yrs old, Gary 1.5 yrs old, Pearl & Karen 4 months

    Vicki added to the pack yesterday so today I will be spending my beautiful Monday getting my fill of sweet puppy kisses from Karen & Pearl.


Tomorrow, Saturday November 23rd is Campbell River’s Small Business Day Event on the downtown! All the cool people will be in attendance – watch for discounts, treats, and door prizes!17 shops will be hosting so make sure you check them out – on the Shoppers Row & Tyee Plaza area!

Have you seen this post on instagram? 


Your support last weekend made the world of difference to us – support your neighbour.  We are so very grateful for the support Campbell River gives to TLG, we want these small businesses to feel the same.

The Jelly Fish draw was a success, thank you to all that entered! The winner has been contacted – as well as the second & third prizes of the sea urchins.  I will wait to announce names until I get some pictures upon pick up!

Did you miss us last weekend? Thats ok, we are open daily – just check the website or write us.  We are pretty easy going gals.

Touring for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Thank you to all of you that came out this weekend so far, especially yesterday in that stormy weather! TLG, Wildwood Creations and A Moment in Time Photography has had such a great weekend thus far – we are looking forward to what brings us today.
Today is the last day to enter the draw to win the Jelly Fish! So make sure you make your way out to #24 on the Campbell River Gift Tour and get your name in!
Popular items? Custom hot/cold drinking vessels, baby blankets and bibs, beautiful photo cards of our local scenery, my personal favourite the butterflies, spinner rings, and sea urchins!
We are set up at 2277 Upland Rd. 10 – 4pm today!


Yay! We did it! 5/5 or 100% whichever way you want to spin it TLG has been recognized and recommended! And all the thanks to you all who have written such kind reviews, we truly do appreciate you all helping, and supporting as we grow our little dream.

I hope you all come to our open house this weekend, we will have some goodies, lots of smiles, and new things to show you! Can’t make it this weekend? That’s ok, we have our hours posted on the Website and we are pretty flexible and can arrange by appointment!

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!

Getting’ hip with the times

Do you know how much effort and work it takes to photograph, upload & add descriptions to the things we make?! Yea, me neither – but Vicki does! She has been working on our Etsy Shop and it looks amazing!
What did I do? Well besides literally sweating over the product – I uploaded a link to this very website for everyones ease! You’re welcome!
Seriously though, we have our Etsy Shop linked to our website to make it easier for everyone to purchase our original pieces of art from Silver Jewellery to Stained Glass to Blown glass… if we make it our goal is to get it listed! Except Jelly Fish – I kid.
We have had 100% success with our shipping (Thank you again to Ms Vicki for saving all those random boxes and packing materials).  And only positive reviews thus far with the products received too – so we are feeling pretty good about this time consuming adventure.  We accept PayPal & ETransfer for online purchases, and are committed to shipping the product out as soon as possible.  (Again – thank you Vicki)

Open House/Gift Tour ’19


What are you doing the weekend of November 15th?

It’s a Friday and TLG will be participating in the 20th Annual Christmas Gift Tour right here in Campbell River.  We are so excited to host this open house, to visit, share, you know… get into that Wintery Christmas Spirit!
Consider yourself officially invited! Where? 2277 Upland Rd. Wildwood Creations will be set up with their beautifully handmade children’s clothes, unique and oh so sweet as well as the talented Moment In Time Photography!

We will be there:
November 15 12-8pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-4pm

TLG will have some Jelly Fish, Sea Urchins, Tidal Balls, Beach Memories, Spinner Rings, Earrings, Perfume & Oil Bottles, Sea Stars, Pendants, Ebb & Flow Tumblers all on display!