The Ladder

2020 Garden Trellis made of transparent yellow bright like the sun made for climbers!

I am moving. I have always been a girl that has been interested in different. Unique. Bizarre at times… I remember announcing to my family that I was moving to Ontario to go back to school, to become my own person and support myself! And my Dad, my sweet sweet Dad was so supportive asked what I was going to study? Nursing?
What?! Nursing! No. Glass blowing! Like it wasn’t obvious. To me it was – to me it’s always obvious but to my friends, my family I see their faces… I see their thoughts of oh wow she’s serious.
Always serious. But with my serious comes a door I hide behind and I freak out! No, I freak out- I question my every move, I lay awake all night thinking of everything that could go wrong, I have scenarios for years… Some times my deep thoughts help and lately well they don’t.
I have a plan, a life plan and uprooting my life is what needs to be done – but I am so tired of being tired that I wish I could just walk into my hot shop and turn on the Glory hole and sweat the stress out. It’s funny how your own mind can beat you down and point out the negative and really surround your own self with stormy depressing rain clouds… it’s actually quite sad because you’d never talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself. Or maybe this is just me?
And if I’m being honest here, the stress is minimal. I have a place to live, I have a job. It’s just collecting boxes and putting the plans into action – and I think, although I am terribly busy with the move blowing glass would rest my mind.
So far I have thought of some new colour schemes for tumblers, new sets I’d like to make. Some bud vases. I never make vases! Who am I?! I thrive in chaos. I said that in my interview… it is true. I thrive in it – when my flight or fight kicks in my brain turns on. Last night my brain turned on and I am ready for my new chapter.
I will always blow glass, I love blowing glass. I WILL be back to blow glass – plus my mom is a pretty good cook. What does this mean for you? Nothing. I have always worked full-time and none of you noticed – I’ll continue to make. Etsy will continue to list and sell… Instagram will continue to share the new, the exciting, and the past. Facebook will still be your go to to snoop at what we are up to next. I promise, TideLine.Org will continue to be your Campbell River glass gals go to! You won’t even notice!

BC Forestry Rally

Forestry Feeds My Family
Forestry Feeds My Family

Good Morning Friends, on Tuesday February 18 I attended the BC’s Communities Forestry Rally in Victoria. I supported the loggers in their concerns and I posted it on both my personal and business pages because I felt strongly about the issue,  passionate about the subject.  Although I don’t often post political or controversial topics on the TideLine.Org Fan Page as we strive to keep it glass related – Tuesday was my exception with no apologies.

We received some positive messages of support and unfortunately a few from those who disagree with this stance. Respectfully I’d like to take a moment to reply and share with you all why I personally support the movement.

Forestry is what I grew up with, my dad was a BC logger who traveled to Dominica BWI with his family in tow to support, educate and promote self sufficiency through logging. He also logged the Queen Charlotte’s, Vancouver Island and the mainland. He supported our family by logging, respecting the woods and teaching others his craft.

I married a logger. For 41 years now my husband has provided a living for his family in the logging industry. During these adult years there has been much controversy over the cutting of trees, old growth, clear cutting etc. Education is wonderful, in order to defend our families stance on the logging industry I have had to ask some tough questions.

As you most of you know Toni and I are very environmentally conscious, this didn’t just happen, it was learned. When we opened our business nearly 15 years ago my mother bought jean material and sewed re-usable bags for our product, she didn’t like the fact that we had plastic ones. Following her example the Tidal Balls are up cycled glass reused that otherwise would end up in our landfill.  Our cedar frames and much of our displays are and were made from old fences, cupboards, hand railings and decks.  If you have seen our workspace – nothing gets wasted.    

My husband, his father, my father and my brother will all tell you that loggers are more environmentally sound than most people. They have rehabilitated forests, cleaned up after tourists, built roads for said tourists to access camp grounds, coveted fishing holes, hiking trails, mountain bike trails and so much more. They have cleaned and maintained fish streams and creeks. Lived by what ever you bring into the bush you take out.  They have fought fires that civilians have started, sorted garbage, made animal proof receptacles to protect the wild life from becoming dependant on humans. They have been involved with the rehabilitation of any and all sites they have logged.  They have educated themselves on clean ups should an oil or gas spill happen, they have learned how to maintain the forest like a garden, it is a renewable resource that has been cultivated and cared for. They know from experience that ‘clear cut’ logging is not only a more economical way to log but in many cases a much safer and environmentally friendly means to harvest the forest. Selective harvesting can and has resulted in windfall and slides which causes destruction or contamination of fish creeks and or streams.  In British Columbia; there are several towns that house between 20-40% who are dependant on the forestry industry to feed their families. Which in turn feeds many others.

I am proud to be a loggers wife, a loggers daughter, a loggers sister, and a loggers neighbour.  Standing at the BC Communities Forestry Rally on Tuesday was a most empowering feeling. Sometimes you just need to share your point of view because this friends is important and I knew that standing on the grass in front of our Parliament Building was the right place for me.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

You may or may not know that the Loggers have been on strike for quite some time now, the struggles are real and our hearts go out to all of the effected families.
We saw “Loonies for Loggers” on the news one evening and it was just beautiful seeing the difference two woman could make!
Loonies For Loggers was started on September 24 by Rona Doucette & Tamara Meggitt. Two wives of loggers who saw a need to support their fellow families. Loonies for Loggers is not a registered charity rather two women who saw a need and began raising money to help feed the families. We saw a need to connect families together and draw support from one another in anyway we can.  Please note that Loonies For Loggers is not affiliated with either party in the ongoing labour dispute.

The forestry industry raised my family and wants to give back and show our support.  We have right now until December 20 @10:30am an auction where 100% of the proceeds go to the Loonies for Loggers.  How can you bid? Send Vicki or myself an email if you’re not on Facebook we will bid for you! Or join our Facebook Page and bid – what is it? It’s a PURPLE JELLY FISH up for bid.  

Current bid is $85.  

We will ship within Canada for $12. Are you outside Canada? That’s ok we will get you a quote!
For everyone who has bid so far – THANK YOU!


FaceBook Give Away!

Hey its December 1 today.  December – the last month of 2019.  What a whirlwind.  I love December mostly because it involves a lot of chocolate and cookies.  Why do we only bake in December?
So being its December 1 – you have 24 days to get those thoughtful gifts for the people you care about or feel obligated – I kid.  Kind of.
Maybe I can help? TLG has some classic Tidal Balls with the cute lil story that can hang inside or out.  JELLY FISH! Everyone loves the Jelly Fish – there is still a handful of those left.  Some beautiful silver jewellery made by Vicki.  We have gifts from $5. and up that are thoughtful, unique, and locally made!

It’s Give away time – super easy to be entered into the draw all you have to do is LIKE the Tideline.Org Fan Page on the FaceBook.  Comment & Tag a friend on the video of the Tidal Ball post.  Share the Video to your page! That’s it, that simple, that easy.  When will you get the message you won? December 15! 

Shop local, make a difference in a small business life.  We work hard.
Grab that hot drink, walk the Shoppers Row, admire the decorations and let the Wintery Christmas Spirit in… Merry December 1.  Love you all!

Girls Weekend – TLG Style

Vicki and I went to Nanaimo this past weekend and spent three days at Beban Park. participating in the Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair – success! Oh my goodness, I ate the best peach danish, melt in your mouth short bread… had some soup and drank some tea too.  I saw some incredible pieces of pottery – a tea pot to die for.  Bird houses, jewellery made of refurbished trays.  The talent was awesome.  Vancouver Island has so much to offer, I wonder sometimes if we are this hidden gem in the world and so many don’t know about us yet.
We had so much fun, we saw some familiar faces and met new friends.  It was a quiet ride home, the two of us were exhausted but oh so grateful.  Thank you Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair for hosting such a great show, and to all of you that love and support us as always! We truly do have so much gratitude in our hearts!
And a special shout out to the two guys behind the scenes of TLG – Vicki and I may do the glass work but we are nothing if we don’t have the wood and metal works, or the beautiful displays from Glen & Dakota.
Have a wonderful Monday, Vicki and I are spending the day in sweat pants, and drinking coffee with our feet up!

Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair

Fast approaching is the Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair and Vicki and I have been busy preparing, finishing, brainstorming, list making, and of course watching 90 day Fiancé.  This show is in less than a week and are we ready?! Ah, heck ya we are! Why? Because we have Glen on team TLG who ensures our displays are made and painted.  It’s truly a family affair.  We are excited, its been awhile since we set up and we have some new things to show as well as the classics like TideLines, Driftlines, Jelly Fish, Tidal Balls… what’s new? Chakra! Silver Jewellery! That is all I am saying.

Friday November 1 12-7pm
Saturday November 2 10-5pm
Sunday November 3 10-4pm

Beban Park, Nanaimo