TLG’s got the Blues

Not the sad blues! I charged the furnace with every piece of glass I could find that didn’t work out or scraps from the pipes of any colour including white, black, green, pink… any colour I have ever worked with in the hot shop I saved in buckets just for this week.

To charge the furnace you have to heat the glass up to 530 degrees to keep it from blowing up in the furnace and damaging the elements. This is all the recycled glass from the buckets – its an all day event.

I ended up with 8 big buckets of glass that really should have gone into the garbage but to glass blowers – glass is precious.  It is expensive and is coveted.  As a result all the glass in the furnace is now blue.  A beautiful transparent blue that makes for great castings.

If given the choice I would rather sand cast over blowing any day.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind making balls and jelly fish but the casting – there is no comparison really.
Barnacles and an oyster shell from the first day of casting – beautiful blue right?!

Because the castings are so thick it takes longer to come down in temperature – the wait is approximately 2 days.  But oh so worth it!
Photo credits and video credits go to by brother Dakota… my family, my assistant, my rock.

Its that time of year…

Englishman River Falls Jan 2017

I took some vacation time in February where I will celebrate another year at 28 and will be doing what I love – hanging out in the hotshop.

I cannot wait to share with you what my father has done to help us with our growing business SOON!

This time in the hotshop I’d like to focus more on the castings and garden art.  And maybe a few urchins.  Maybe.  Stay tuned!

I had the opportunity to go to the Englishman River falls and walk the trail… absolutely amazing! The falls were almost frozen over, if it wasn’t so cold out I could have stayed all afternoon!