So this is 40

I think this is the first year I didn’t sit in tears with worry anticipating my birthday.  I guess I use to measure my birthday as the day to evaluate my success, my achievements, and where I should be.
I had a different vision in my head years ago of where I would be at 40- I wanted normal.  And I gave it an honest try, I really did.  I  pictured celebrating my milestone in Paris with my love but the universe didn’t agree.  I don’t feel like I am missing out, or I failed, or at all disappointed which is usually my go to.  Something happened a few months ago, I was so unhappy and blind trying to fit the mold I thought I was suppose to fit into when really UGH!
Today I am living my best life.  I said “Im done” and the roof didn’t cave in, I took the leap, I jumped, I had no cares left.  And nothing to lose.  And wow what freedom! I am 40 and not ANYWHERE where I thought I’d be, or where I thought you’re suppose to be but I am happy.
I now live a simple, uncomplicated life blowing glass, running a business with my best friend, going to concerts with my parents, training dogs, studying so many things and learning.  I sleep well.  I learned to meditate.  I read.  I make a point to surround myself with genuine and kind people.
So hey, I am Toni and I just met myself a few months ago.  I am 40.  I wear blundstones and ugly sweaters, I read tarot cards and burn sage.  I am a glass blower.  I feel so much pride, so much love, so much good energy from the people who follow and support TideLine that sometimes it’s almost overwhelming! So yea, I am a glass blower.  I have the most amazing family with nothing but support and love any girl could ask for.  I have the most amazing supportive group of friends that accept me, laugh with me, and encourage me.  I love dogs and one cat.
So my goals for this year? To continue.  To say yes, to experience more.  And really to only do what feels right with no guilt.  I wish I met this girl sooner –

How well do we really know Vicki?


Did you know that it is her birthday today? 60.  She has had 60 birthdays now – today is a milestone.  What a life she has created for herself thus far –

60 things you may or may not know about Vicki:

  1. She likes coffee.  2 cream, added first (actually just let her do it) then the coffee.
  2. She is extremely intelligent yet humble, she works with her intuition and common sense whether it comes to business, learning a new skill, or working with people.  She learns quick.
  3. She recently spent some time with her Grand babies and her eyes sparkle when she shares about them.
  4. She is fearless.  Always full of hope and faith.
  5. She can knit like no ones business, one year she made everyone a sweater for Christmas.
  6. Sometimes she hides $50. bills under your pillow then acts like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
  7. She got married at 20 yrs old.  To Glen.  She loves him still to this day.
  8. Vicki knows what she wants, she does it, gets it, accomplishes it and there is no other way around it.
  9. Vicki encourages, she is that lady you read about in the memes that “lifts each other up and celebrates your success” kinda gal.
  10. She is psychic.  No seriously, she has a gift.
  11. Vicki loves and rarely judges.
  12. She is my biggest fan and I am pretty confident I am the favourite.
  13. She was close to her Mom and loved to tease her. She would always say her name in shock and in such a way “Vicki!”
  14. She will help, she will offer, she will always say yes unless you’re moving houses – she hates moving so she will volunteer my dad, myself and or my brothers to help!
  15. She has three Children and Dakota is most likely her favourite.
  16. Lately her pride and joy is her dogs Lily & Gary.
  17. She will always root for the underdog.
  18. She is blind without her glasses.  One morning she was yelling at a black bear to get inside thinking it was our dog Jake.
  19. She will always be honest, and say what you’re thinking.  She’s a straight shooter, right from the hip and to the point.
  20. The first man she loved was her Dad.  She loves to talk about him.  (I think she’s a lot like him)
  21. She lived in Dominica as a child.
  22. She can cook amazing meals but doesn’t use recipes or measuring cups.
  23. She likes olives.
  24. She had open heart surgery when I was 7 and nearly died.
  25. She can cross stitch, beautiful cross stitching, she made us all stockings one year for Christmas.
  26. She was removed from a hockey game for getting mouthy with the Ref.
  27. Loves essential oils, meditating and living a holistic lifestyle (I know what you’re thinking – but #26 she was booted from a hockey game… that was years before).
  28. Hates Cantaloupe, like so much you can’t put it on the same plate as the watermelon.
  29. Hates shopping.
  30. She did all her schooling by distance while working full time.
  31. She fostered over 70 children – only four girls.  And cried over and loved every one of them.
  32. Laugh – she will make you laugh.
  33. She can quilt.  Every foster baby that came into her home she made them a quilt of their own.  She made everyone that meant something to her a beautiful quilt, even my brother Randy (it was his hockey game).
  34. She cannot blow glass.  She hates the heat but always has great ideas.
  35. Vicki is loyal.
  36. My dad won’t let her paint because she doesn’t paint going up and down, and she’s ok with drips and the paint being uneven.
  37. Vicki used to be a sign language interpreter.  When she was learning to sign, she would only sign and people thought she was deaf or I was.
  38. She can dance.  Girls got moves!
  39. The only time she wore a skirt, she slipped on the ice and slid under the bronco at the ice rink.
  40. She punched my brother in the face when he hid at the bottom of the stairs in the dark to scare her (Randy again – jury is still out if she actually was scared or just saw an opportunity).
  41. She cannot sing but that won’t stop her.
  42. She can drive a truck like no ones business but docking a boat makes my Dad cringe.
  43. She gets a prissy prudy look on her face when there is swearing in a movie.
  44. But she said the “F” word once when I was 20 yrs old…
  45. Vicki doesn’t wear jewellery – of any sort unless its a special occasion.
  46. Vicki is a morning person.  Like annoying morning person.
  47. The chimney caught fire once and she had to call the fire department… she made Randy and I clean up the living room before we could go to the muster station like we practised…
  48. Vicki is terrible when it comes to electronics Dakota can confirm this.
  49. She isn’t impressed with fame or fortune and she was clear about that with Cuba Gooding Jr.
  50. My mom rejected my friendship when I was 15.  She told me she had enough friends…
  51. She is petrified of the dark.
  52. She stole a dog once and renamed him Fred he lived until he was 17.
  53. She snores but thinks it’s my Dad that has the problem.
  54. Vicki doesn’t drink but will pretend to drink the wine.  How you wonder? She switches glasses with my Dad like no one notices…
  55. She prefers soda water to pop or juice.
  56. Vicki doesn’t add contacts to her phone – so you never know who the text msg is from
  57. She hates leftovers – so she gives them to me and I freeze them and always have a homemade meal.
  58. She shops the perimeter of Costco, never the middle where the good stuff is.
  59. She drives under the speed limit on the inland hwy even in the 90 zone.
  60. Her family is her pride & joy.


TLG’s got the Blues

Not the sad blues! I charged the furnace with every piece of glass I could find that didn’t work out or scraps from the pipes of any colour including white, black, green, pink… any colour I have ever worked with in the hot shop I saved in buckets just for this week.

To charge the furnace you have to heat the glass up to 530 degrees to keep it from blowing up in the furnace and damaging the elements. This is all the recycled glass from the buckets – its an all day event.

I ended up with 8 big buckets of glass that really should have gone into the garbage but to glass blowers – glass is precious.  It is expensive and is coveted.  As a result all the glass in the furnace is now blue.  A beautiful transparent blue that makes for great castings.

If given the choice I would rather sand cast over blowing any day.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind making balls and jelly fish but the casting – there is no comparison really.
Barnacles and an oyster shell from the first day of casting – beautiful blue right?!

Because the castings are so thick it takes longer to come down in temperature – the wait is approximately 2 days.  But oh so worth it!
Photo credits and video credits go to by brother Dakota… my family, my assistant, my rock.

Its that time of year…

Englishman River Falls Jan 2017

I took some vacation time in February where I will celebrate another year at 28 and will be doing what I love – hanging out in the hotshop.

I cannot wait to share with you what my father has done to help us with our growing business SOON!

This time in the hotshop I’d like to focus more on the castings and garden art.  And maybe a few urchins.  Maybe.  Stay tuned!

I had the opportunity to go to the Englishman River falls and walk the trail… absolutely amazing! The falls were almost frozen over, if it wasn’t so cold out I could have stayed all afternoon!