Holy Snow Batman!

In case you didn’t know, it snowed today.  What a beautiful site from inside my cozy warm home.  It is starting to feel like Christmas… winter has officially arrived and I am craving short bread.

We do have some things left from our shows, Tidal Balls, a few Jelly Fish, Sea Stars, a couple Driftlines, etc.  Vicki and I do work full time but that doesn’t mean we won’t try and accommodate those special requests of already made glass art.  Just shoot one of us an email or msg us on Facebook.  We are usually pretty quick to reply!  u6If you’re in the Bowser area, the Salish Sea Market has quite an array of blown works available for sale too!

Count down is on!

12733517_10153416994272285_4538330773694648974_nMy holidays are fast approaching and this girl is going to turn the furnace on. I’ve got the usual line up of what I  want to complete such as more Tidal Balls because the last two shows were amazing! And some custom jelly fish for a custom ordered chandelier – super excited about that one. Of course some sandcastings – who wouldn’t?!  Annnnd I want to try some new ideas regarding perfume bottles, sea urchins, and barnacles.  Stay tuned!

I will be in the studio July 30 – Aug 3! For as long as I can stand the heat.

A Nanoose kind of fun!

Art in the Garden this past weekend in Nanoose Bay was amazing.  If felt so good to not only prepare the weeks prior but to set up our tables and arrange our artworks for people to view and talk about with just felt – well natural.  It felt like home.  It is what we do.  What we are meant to do.13619883_10153737900192285_1810350888920723223_n
Vicki’s Driftlines were a success.  This was the second showing for them and the response from the public was so encouraging and rewarding.  She even took it a step further and incorporated sandcasting made by yours truly.

The Jelly fish were a hit.  And the tidal balls as usual.  My favorite though was the sandcasting burl my father put together.   13619997_10153737900517285_522226668037173290_nThank you for all that came to say hello and support me and Mother! Thank you to Leslie for such an awesome and successful venue.  Beautiful scenery and talented artisans that made our weekend a memorable one!

The latest Jelly Fish

13567459_10153718501742285_7935948834180171769_nSomeone asked me yesterday “Do you like to think of an idea and change it, and keep changing it, does it even look like the same thing when you’re finished with it?”
My automatic answer was no.  But then I started to think, yes it is.  It started with my love for crystals, their raw shapes and texture.  How could I make glass look like crystals… and I did it.  Well to my satisfaction and come to think of it, I miss exploding glass.
I have been making jelly fish for nine years – nine years of color experimentation, size changes, tenticle changes… and finally I was able to change it again.  Why? Because I am an artist that needs to be challenged and entertained while making the same things over and over.
Will I continue with these – no.  I have taken the look of a jelly and mixed it with maybe the look of an urchin? Perhaps I see more urchins in my future? But do Glass Jelly Fish really resemble the true Jellies?? Exactly.