Red Roses

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~ William Arthur Ward

Today was a great day, weather wise it was perfect, breakfast was delicious, I saw my family, and I got to blow glass.  I was so grateful to my friend Bob McLeod for reaching out to me a few weeks ago when my Emma’s element broke and offered me access to his studio.  What I didn’t expect was to meet another glass blower, Suzi! It’s been a long time, like ten years since I got to assist someone in the hotshop, run ideas by another like minded person – it was just a great day!
I worked on some special pieces today, Christmas gifts to others.  Tonight, reflecting on my day, and the loss that has surrounded my friends I just need everyone in my life to know they are important to me.  That I do love you.

The Sea Star is said to be sensory creatures, nerves that run from their center to the tip of their limbs. It facilitates feelings such as strong, patient, magical, renewing, healing, sensitive, perception to name a few.

This past year with TideLine has been another successful year and your continued love and support is appreciated.  We, Vicki and myself just feel so blessed and look forward to another year creating with glass.  So Thank you! Happy Holidays, kiss your loved ones, and Merry Christmas!

Glass never ceases to amaze…

A service I haven’t been that vocal about – but maybe I should be.
Death effects everyone and their family, whether it be a loved one or a beloved pet.  The first memorial I did was for myself, although I didn’t say it was, it was.   I collected all the beautiful flowers from my Grandpas funeral – they made my Nanny so happy.  I waited for them to dry naturally and then I began my process.  I sandcasted over every rose, sunflower, daisies, babies breath, and fern.  I had so many of these castings I didn’t know what to do with them.  I partnered with my dad and he made the most beautiful plant stakes – I thought perfect! His flowers will be in everyone’s gardens.  He loved the gardens, the outdoors, and most of all the Deer! That’s right, he would feed the Deer that visited the gardens.  Although I still miss him every day – the process of making those pieces and the thought of his memory in the gardens have helped me through that sad time.  12670755_10153491593862285_8850251205262331244_n



12742474_10153419307297285_5112929306923496848_nBack in February I met a lady who was after a custom order art piece – the conversation took for a turn when I suggested adding some personal touches to the piece.  To make it hers, and personalized.  She told me about her recent loss of her mother.  She told me about her, the loss of her father, and her two brothers.  She was the last surviving member of her immediate family.
Regret isn’t the right word, but my intuition kicked in and I knew then what she wanted to incorporate in the custom piece.  We set a date that I would be blowing, and she with the support of her friends joined me in the hotshop.  It was then that I combined some of her loved ones remains into hot glass and made a “paper weight” shape.
The results were beautiful.  In the end I was no longer feeling that hesitation so much as I was feeling honored that I could help someone during their grieving process and contribute to their loved ones memory.