The last of the clear

I dunno if you’re aware out there but there is a bit of glass crisis… Spectrum 96 cullet is a thing of the past.  What is Spectrum 96 cullet you ask? Spectrum is a glass brand, 96 is the coefficient rate of expansion… its the science behind melting glass and cullet is the glass chunks you melt down in the furnace to blow with.  I have a full furnace of clear glass melting right now – like I said the last of the clear.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday I will be using the rest of the precious clear glass and then charging the furnace with the recycled ugly glass until I can solve my glass dilemma.

If you have been in contact about memorial orbs this weekend is the weekend to make it happen – after I use the recycled glass, the glass will no longer be clear it will be a transparent steel blue in color and not idea for memorial pieces.

I plan on making urchins, sea stars and maybe a few other things… I am looking forward to the this weekend, the warmth, and just being home.  Stay tuned for pictures!

More about Sea Stars

I can’t stop making them! I have made purple ones, blue ones, green ones, even black! I can not stop! I have added some hangers to them so that they can be hung on the wall – I have adopted a few of them for my own wall… I might need a couple more!


Weekend Update

Sea stars – I have become obsessed with them! I have spent days practicing the Sea Stars and I think I may have figured them out while experimenting with different color combinations… I will post pictures soon.  14095831_10157275515745335_4090003320257262911_n



The glass world can get lonely at times – and when someone shows an interest in this hot sport you tend to get a little excited! Yesterday I invited a young guy into the studio who expressed some interest in the molten material.  He reminded me of my first days in the shop – when all you would hear is “turn, keep turning, heat it up, get it hotter, turn, its too cold”.   He reminded me of the love you must have, and the curiosity that forces you to endure the difficult material.  For a first timer his paper weights turned out pretty awesome!



“Glassblowing is an animal unto itself. It requires skill, knowledge, physical strength and respect.” – William Morris


13920636_10153797986232285_8559168423488862359_nThose of you who know me, know I took a couple years off from blowing.  That didn’t stop me from watching youtube videos, following artists on facebook, and re-reading my college notes in attempt not to forget.  During February I was back in the hotshop and as much as I loved it, it was difficult.
My ego was out of place, at the end of my time in the hotshop my pride was bruised.  The defeat I feel some days in the hotshop is what brings me back – its the challenge.  I am stubborn.  I was not going to let this material win.  Not yet anyway.

So this time I turned on the furnace – and I took a few steps back.  I have been focusing on being on center.  Perfect gathers.  And precision.  Slowing down, and listening.  I refuse to be rushed and clumsy.  These past few days have been amazing!
The Tidal Balls completed are beautiful, some have gold leaf flecks in them.  I am so happy over a ball (All 60+ of them)! Not only is the color beautiful, but I paid attention to the chemistry of color, the heat in my glass, and bubble set up.  Its all beginner – but I had to check my ego at the doors and take it step by step.
I remember whipping off the SeaStars like no ones business and now… UGH! They are small and heavy! I will not give up! I will update you with bigger, and better stars soon! Give me a couple days to master these first…

I have been having a fantastic vacation! I get up early, and warm up with the glory hole.  I spend time with my puppies, and have an afternoon nap.  I don’t want to go back to work!!!