BC Forestry Rally

Forestry Feeds My Family
Forestry Feeds My Family

Good Morning Friends, on Tuesday February 18 I attended the BC’s Communities Forestry Rally in Victoria. I supported the loggers in their concerns and I posted it on both my personal and business pages because I felt strongly about the issue,  passionate about the subject.  Although I don’t often post political or controversial topics on the TideLine.Org Fan Page as we strive to keep it glass related – Tuesday was my exception with no apologies.

We received some positive messages of support and unfortunately a few from those who disagree with this stance. Respectfully I’d like to take a moment to reply and share with you all why I personally support the movement.

Forestry is what I grew up with, my dad was a BC logger who traveled to Dominica BWI with his family in tow to support, educate and promote self sufficiency through logging. He also logged the Queen Charlotte’s, Vancouver Island and the mainland. He supported our family by logging, respecting the woods and teaching others his craft.

I married a logger. For 41 years now my husband has provided a living for his family in the logging industry. During these adult years there has been much controversy over the cutting of trees, old growth, clear cutting etc. Education is wonderful, in order to defend our families stance on the logging industry I have had to ask some tough questions.

As you most of you know Toni and I are very environmentally conscious, this didn’t just happen, it was learned. When we opened our business nearly 15 years ago my mother bought jean material and sewed re-usable bags for our product, she didn’t like the fact that we had plastic ones. Following her example the Tidal Balls are up cycled glass reused that otherwise would end up in our landfill.  Our cedar frames and much of our displays are and were made from old fences, cupboards, hand railings and decks.  If you have seen our workspace – nothing gets wasted.    

My husband, his father, my father and my brother will all tell you that loggers are more environmentally sound than most people. They have rehabilitated forests, cleaned up after tourists, built roads for said tourists to access camp grounds, coveted fishing holes, hiking trails, mountain bike trails and so much more. They have cleaned and maintained fish streams and creeks. Lived by what ever you bring into the bush you take out.  They have fought fires that civilians have started, sorted garbage, made animal proof receptacles to protect the wild life from becoming dependant on humans. They have been involved with the rehabilitation of any and all sites they have logged.  They have educated themselves on clean ups should an oil or gas spill happen, they have learned how to maintain the forest like a garden, it is a renewable resource that has been cultivated and cared for. They know from experience that ‘clear cut’ logging is not only a more economical way to log but in many cases a much safer and environmentally friendly means to harvest the forest. Selective harvesting can and has resulted in windfall and slides which causes destruction or contamination of fish creeks and or streams.  In British Columbia; there are several towns that house between 20-40% who are dependant on the forestry industry to feed their families. Which in turn feeds many others.

I am proud to be a loggers wife, a loggers daughter, a loggers sister, and a loggers neighbour.  Standing at the BC Communities Forestry Rally on Tuesday was a most empowering feeling. Sometimes you just need to share your point of view because this friends is important and I knew that standing on the grass in front of our Parliament Building was the right place for me.

So this is 40

I think this is the first year I didn’t sit in tears with worry anticipating my birthday.  I guess I use to measure my birthday as the day to evaluate my success, my achievements, and where I should be.
I had a different vision in my head years ago of where I would be at 40- I wanted normal.  And I gave it an honest try, I really did.  I  pictured celebrating my milestone in Paris with my love but the universe didn’t agree.  I don’t feel like I am missing out, or I failed, or at all disappointed which is usually my go to.  Something happened a few months ago, I was so unhappy and blind trying to fit the mold I thought I was suppose to fit into when really UGH!
Today I am living my best life.  I said “Im done” and the roof didn’t cave in, I took the leap, I jumped, I had no cares left.  And nothing to lose.  And wow what freedom! I am 40 and not ANYWHERE where I thought I’d be, or where I thought you’re suppose to be but I am happy.
I now live a simple, uncomplicated life blowing glass, running a business with my best friend, going to concerts with my parents, training dogs, studying so many things and learning.  I sleep well.  I learned to meditate.  I read.  I make a point to surround myself with genuine and kind people.
So hey, I am Toni and I just met myself a few months ago.  I am 40.  I wear blundstones and ugly sweaters, I read tarot cards and burn sage.  I am a glass blower.  I feel so much pride, so much love, so much good energy from the people who follow and support TideLine that sometimes it’s almost overwhelming! So yea, I am a glass blower.  I have the most amazing family with nothing but support and love any girl could ask for.  I have the most amazing supportive group of friends that accept me, laugh with me, and encourage me.  I love dogs and one cat.
So my goals for this year? To continue.  To say yes, to experience more.  And really to only do what feels right with no guilt.  I wish I met this girl sooner –

Duo-tang Plans

Before Sheridan, before even discovering glass blowing, before I even knew who I was… or what would become of me I did stained glass.  It was during the first few years of opening TideLine Gallery that my mom taught me to cut glass.  She would always leave me a list of what needed to be done like sun catchers of star fish or orcas… I would never do it.  I guess I was an artist back then too and didn’t know it yet.

This was one of the pieces I used on my application to Sheridan – I Had done a personal series as more of an outlet than anything but the results led me on the most amazing path.

I was the girl in high school that had her plans laid out, I would get married, have some babies, and live the most beautiful magical life possible.  And I remember breaking out my duo tang of my wedding plans to my fiancé when he finally proposed at the young age of 20.  He was a little shocked at the guest lists, the dress selections, etc and I thought nothing of it.  Now I think “wow, red flag”.  We didn’t plan for the biggest loss of our life when we turned 24 or the divorce that quickly followed –

The Universe has hardly listened to me, laughed at my plans at best but has laid out a path I am now thankful to have experienced – this piece in the picture I called The Fight.  It was the time in a divorce where your partner becomes a stranger and it is survival of the fittest.

What was once sad – is now how I am able to lead my best life! And for that my heart is full of gratitude.




You know who doesn’t get enough credit? Glen… as you all know I am on the social media band wagon and have been participating in the “Throw Back Thursdays” well this actually entails some research.  As I was going through my hard drive named Brutus (its from when I was in my early 20’s) and going through pictures when I came across my Seattle trip.

Things were not going well in life.  My grandparents both died, my dog died, my cousin died and we closed our retail space uptown.  Needless to say it was feeling of nothing.  No hope. No faith.  Just a bad attitude hosting her own pity party.

In a thoughtless moment, and only a moment I was just that low I put my hotshop up for sale on CraigsList.  I broke my parents heart, mostly my Dads I think.  He asked why of course and I just said its over – I felt like a failure.  Nothing was important anymore.  My heart was broken and I didn’t care.  Or so I thought.

That morning my dad said “You got your passport kid?” and that day my family took me to Seattle. They took me to the Tacoma Museum of Glass where it all came rushing back.  I sat in the hotshop and there was this guy that did a demo at school and he said “hey Toni!” I was home.  Not in Seattle but in the hotshop.  We spent the day looking at Glass, watching demos and walking around the city.

That is also where Vicki & I bought our first Coach purses… Memories.

Where was I? Yes.  My dad.  I’d be nothing without him, his love, his support, and his patience. And truth be told, 60% of my pieces wouldn’t be complete without his welding or woodworking skills.


I hope you noticed! So TideLine.Org has been getting a lot of my undivided attention due to my lack of procrastination in completing a Geology Course, the avoidance of housecleaning, the pieces of cold working that require water and a cold shop… So yea! #TideLine.Org is and will be getting a facelift.  2019 was incredible but 2020 I anticipate to be even more amazing! Have you heard of YouTube? What an amazing resource – like seriously I have discovered some pretty cool people, some odd individuals and some great learnings when it comes to the online world when you own and want to promote your business.

You’re all like “well yea, Toni!” but no seriously – So I have been implementing my learnings and let me just say YES! Our Instagram account has grown, our Online sales have grown and our FaceBook Page is heck of engaged! So to you – a huge THANK YOU! And to me well I am pretty proud.

So against Mothers will, I put our faces out there, it’s time people see the people behind the glass.  So no more hiding, I pledge to you more action shots, more insight into us and what makes us well us.  (Right after my Keto diet starts kicking in…)

So here is my goal for #TideLine.Org over the next few months:

  • Grow TideLines Facebook Fan Page to 5000 Likes.  What does this mean? Grows our fanbase and allows more great people to see what we are up to.
  • Grow Instagram Account to 5000 Likes.  Why? Because we make some pretty cool things and people should see them and like them.  Many things have come to us from Instagram like Networking with other business owners and being active in the arts community.
  • Achieve steady online sales on Etsy.  So we will have to maintain our 5 Star review and keep it updated!
  • Engage the Fans – plan some interesting blog posts (it’s not as easy as I feel it should be), post interesting photos & videos, more CONTESTS!
  • And as usual – come up with something #NEW & #Unique!


2019 Top 10

So TLG had a fantastic year – amazing actually and choosing the best 10 has posed difficulty but here goes!

  1. Sandcasting! If you know me – it will always be sand casting as my top pick.  I love sand casting! I love the impressions, the detail the glass picks up, the heat, the smell, and the finished pieces.  I love explaining to people what it is when they pick up a “beach memory” or hold in their hand a barnacle.  It’s such a unique process that requires some planning, imagination and resilience.
  2. Amethyst! Healing crystals, blown glass, tumblers.  All that brought challenges, creative juices, sketches, experimenting and the result was success.  I enjoyed researching the crystals and combining two loves.  This was a collaborative between Vicki & I – and well it was a lot of fun.
  3. Tumblers! I had to learn to make cups again, self punties- I can guarantee you I did a lot of swearing and then a lot of celebrating when I finally was able to make a simple cup again! If you bought some of the tumblers this year – make sure you use them! No sitting in the cupboard waiting for a special occasion because every day is a special occasion!
  4. Recognition.  It was such an honour to be recognized in the Compass Magazine which not only boosted the ol’self esteem but man was it cool reading some of the emails, meeting new people and doing some custom orders! So thank you!
  5. Experimentation.  This year I was able to take a moment in the hotshop and try out some new things, I mustered up some courage and some strength to try some new things out and even encouraged my Mom and baby brother into the hotshop to help.  Made for a fun year in the hotshop!
  6. Silver Jewellery.  Vicki and I took a course on jewellery making – I can tell you Vicki excelled.  She finally had to tell me “no, put that back” when I’d add another stacker ring to my finger.  Her spinner rings were a success – and I can tell you she is off to her advance jewellery course in the New Year… stay tuned!
  7. The Christmas Gift tour was our first time opening our studio space up to the public and well can we just say we can’t wait for next year?! It was awesome.  Beyond awesome! We teamed up with some friends and invited the town to see what we had been up to.  So thank you CAMPBELL RIVER and COURTENAY!
  8. TideLine.Org is on ETSY! And branching out onto the World Wide Web has been rewarding – thank you to Vicki for her time that she puts into this site and to Dakota for the photography… time consuming but totally worth it!
  9. We were able to raise $100 to the Loggers fundraisers! So thank you to all that bid on this beautiful Jelly Fish.  It meant a lot to Vicki and I to give back.  We were also able to host a few give aways – we got our name for the new Tumbler design “Eb & Flow” as well as a Tidal Ball! So thank you to all that supported us on our FaceBook Page!
  10. And number 10 is the new TLG – A local artist Terri Wells sketched and designed this beautiful glass blower.  Vicki and I know what we want for TLG for 2020 and can we just say it encompasses the same feel this picture portrays – strength, elegance, tradition to name a few!

‘Tis the Season for Giving

You may or may not know that the Loggers have been on strike for quite some time now, the struggles are real and our hearts go out to all of the effected families.
We saw “Loonies for Loggers” on the news one evening and it was just beautiful seeing the difference two woman could make!
Loonies For Loggers was started on September 24 by Rona Doucette & Tamara Meggitt. Two wives of loggers who saw a need to support their fellow families. Loonies for Loggers is not a registered charity rather two women who saw a need and began raising money to help feed the families. We saw a need to connect families together and draw support from one another in anyway we can.  Please note that Loonies For Loggers is not affiliated with either party in the ongoing labour dispute.

The forestry industry raised my family and TideLine.org wants to give back and show our support.  We have right now until December 20 @10:30am an auction where 100% of the proceeds go to the Loonies for Loggers.  How can you bid? Send Vicki or myself an email if you’re not on Facebook we will bid for you! Or join our Facebook Page and bid – what is it? It’s a PURPLE JELLY FISH up for bid.  

Current bid is $85.  

We will ship within Canada for $12. Are you outside Canada? That’s ok we will get you a quote!
For everyone who has bid so far – THANK YOU!