Shy – to nervous or timid.

So loving life lately! Love my business and where it is going – and with the excitement leads me to wanting and craving more.  I am interested, I am obsessed – I want to learn and get better.  And I am not blowing glass right now so what else do you do??! Its too cold to paddle board for this girl so yea… YouTube is my friend.  Marketing videos keep me up at night, manifesting like a wild woman.  Like I said life is great.  And also Chai Tea lattes aren’t too bad either.

So in my discovery and how to get a bigger online platform apparently I have to take FaceBook Live… uh what? You want me to video tape my awkward artist self and say what exactly? Great.  So there goes our online business because well – yea.  90% of the time I do not wear make up nor do I use hairspray.  I enjoy my ugly over sized sweater and leggings.  No.  Just no.

OR should I? It is all part of my “New year New Me” mantra – maybe you do want to hear what I have to say.  I say “I” because I haven’t ran this whopper by Victoria yet… and I can already hear her laughing at me.  But maybe just maybe these professionals are on to something here.  So tell me what you think? Would you want to join me in the hotshop one afternoon to see how its made? Or maybe you’re a stained glass beginner and there is a Tip we can share with you about scoring glass…

Its a thought!? Ill think about it… You think about it… and maybe we can convince to Vicki to do it!

You can get us Crystal

It is Crystal you give for anyone celebrating their 15th Anniversary and guess what! TideLine.Org turned 15 today! What an adventure! What a learning curve! So much glass!

Did you know:

  1. Vicki was working on a stained glass project back when she was making out of her home as a hobby when her and I went into the local glass store in town who at the time was getting out of the stained glass part of the business – she asked inquisitively “Well how much?” At that moment Vicki looked at me and said well do you want to do a stained glass business? I said sure.  Vicki produced her Visa and proceeded to buy the stained glass and supplies…
  2. We had the supplies but no store – so we drove around Campbell River giddy with excitement when it hit us that we needed to tell our husbands what had just happened so we went to Save-On to buy steaks.
  3. Glen said “Oh Vicki what have you done?”
  4. I had no idea anything about glass, or the supplies for that matter and lets not get started on the business end of things… but how hard could it be?!??! Our first customer got her glass and supplies at Whole Sale price because well – how hard could it be?
  5. TideLine wasn’t our first choice – we had Seaview Gallery as top choice… Kiss My Glass (Vicki said no).  Final Destiny (Glens idea).  Above Tide – not the hotel.  
  6. We didn’t have a lot of luck with employees until we met our Frannie.  She didn’t know how to do stained glass but for weeks would come in and buy sheets of class because they were so pretty.  Eventually she turned into one hell of a glass artist and dancer.
  7. We moved four times with less and less volunteers to help us move.  We are finally where we dreamed of being – right outside Vicki’s front door.
  8. Dakota was 5.  He was our store mascot and every customer was his friend.
  9. Vicki was only taken via Ambulance ONE time.  Tiny bit of blood… nothing Tonis dirty hoodie couldn’t handle.
  10. Vicki would do the ordering for the stained glass and would only buy blues and purples… She was replaced.
  11. Toni faked her way by doing mosaics because none of her pieces ever fit together and was featured in the Nanaimo Art Gallery… 
  12. Vicki won first prize in the Sooke Fine Arts show the same year Toni graduated from Glass school and didn’t win.
  13. We won New Business of the Year from the Campbell River Commerce – when Vicki Johnson was called to the stage Toni ran up and accepted as Vicki.  Vicki was very confused and offered to be Toni.  We were excited.
  14. Vicki received the Aboriginal Woman in Business Grant that helped with our expansion and new learnings.
  15. Did you know business is harder than we thought? It’s time consuming, it’s costly, and  frustrating to name a few, but it sure makes our gratitude list every day! 


Monday Funday!

A few things:

  1. The sun is shining and that always makes for a great start to a day, a Monday, and a week! So yay for warm sun!
  2. The Studio is open today 10am – 4pm.  We’d love to see you.  Lots to choose from for Christmas tree ornaments like Angels, Paws, Trees… And some pretty unique jewellery pieces and glass pieces that make for cool gifts!
  3. My family has come up with a “Handmade Gifts” this year… meaning we have to make our gifts to each other *groan*.  What will I make…. needless to say Emma is being turned on today and the glass furnace should be up to temperature by Friday.
  4. Some available appointments for Memorial Orbs… and by some I mean limited this is a unplanned & short notice for all parties.  I do apologize but I am excited to get back into the heat.
  5. Custom Jelly Fish – you wanted Purple? Email me.  You wanted Blue with red… email me. You wanted Yellow with purple (ew but ok) email me.  I will do some custom but this will require a deposit.
  6. The Johnson pack: Lily 6 yrs old, Gary 1.5 yrs old, Pearl & Karen 4 months

    Vicki added to the pack yesterday so today I will be spending my beautiful Monday getting my fill of sweet puppy kisses from Karen & Pearl.

OPEN 10-4pm!

We are here, 10 – 4pm open and ready to meet, greet, chat and so on with you.  If you are looking for handmade, & local then come see us.  We have some beautiful pieces on display from jewellery, to glass for the tree and gift ideas that are all made on site!

Today we will be working on our jewellery collection – I will give you a hint its with leather! Ha! And you were thinking it was glass… silly!


How well do we really know Vicki?


Did you know that it is her birthday today? 60.  She has had 60 birthdays now – today is a milestone.  What a life she has created for herself thus far –

60 things you may or may not know about Vicki:

  1. She likes coffee.  2 cream, added first (actually just let her do it) then the coffee.
  2. She is extremely intelligent yet humble, she works with her intuition and common sense whether it comes to business, learning a new skill, or working with people.  She learns quick.
  3. She recently spent some time with her Grand babies and her eyes sparkle when she shares about them.
  4. She is fearless.  Always full of hope and faith.
  5. She can knit like no ones business, one year she made everyone a sweater for Christmas.
  6. Sometimes she hides $50. bills under your pillow then acts like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
  7. She got married at 20 yrs old.  To Glen.  She loves him still to this day.
  8. Vicki knows what she wants, she does it, gets it, accomplishes it and there is no other way around it.
  9. Vicki encourages, she is that lady you read about in the memes that “lifts each other up and celebrates your success” kinda gal.
  10. She is psychic.  No seriously, she has a gift.
  11. Vicki loves and rarely judges.
  12. She is my biggest fan and I am pretty confident I am the favourite.
  13. She was close to her Mom and loved to tease her. She would always say her name in shock and in such a way “Vicki!”
  14. She will help, she will offer, she will always say yes unless you’re moving houses – she hates moving so she will volunteer my dad, myself and or my brothers to help!
  15. She has three Children and Dakota is most likely her favourite.
  16. Lately her pride and joy is her dogs Lily & Gary.
  17. She will always root for the underdog.
  18. She is blind without her glasses.  One morning she was yelling at a black bear to get inside thinking it was our dog Jake.
  19. She will always be honest, and say what you’re thinking.  She’s a straight shooter, right from the hip and to the point.
  20. The first man she loved was her Dad.  She loves to talk about him.  (I think she’s a lot like him)
  21. She lived in Dominica as a child.
  22. She can cook amazing meals but doesn’t use recipes or measuring cups.
  23. She likes olives.
  24. She had open heart surgery when I was 7 and nearly died.
  25. She can cross stitch, beautiful cross stitching, she made us all stockings one year for Christmas.
  26. She was removed from a hockey game for getting mouthy with the Ref.
  27. Loves essential oils, meditating and living a holistic lifestyle (I know what you’re thinking – but #26 she was booted from a hockey game… that was years before).
  28. Hates Cantaloupe, like so much you can’t put it on the same plate as the watermelon.
  29. Hates shopping.
  30. She did all her schooling by distance while working full time.
  31. She fostered over 70 children – only four girls.  And cried over and loved every one of them.
  32. Laugh – she will make you laugh.
  33. She can quilt.  Every foster baby that came into her home she made them a quilt of their own.  She made everyone that meant something to her a beautiful quilt, even my brother Randy (it was his hockey game).
  34. She cannot blow glass.  She hates the heat but always has great ideas.
  35. Vicki is loyal.
  36. My dad won’t let her paint because she doesn’t paint going up and down, and she’s ok with drips and the paint being uneven.
  37. Vicki used to be a sign language interpreter.  When she was learning to sign, she would only sign and people thought she was deaf or I was.
  38. She can dance.  Girls got moves!
  39. The only time she wore a skirt, she slipped on the ice and slid under the bronco at the ice rink.
  40. She punched my brother in the face when he hid at the bottom of the stairs in the dark to scare her (Randy again – jury is still out if she actually was scared or just saw an opportunity).
  41. She cannot sing but that won’t stop her.
  42. She can drive a truck like no ones business but docking a boat makes my Dad cringe.
  43. She gets a prissy prudy look on her face when there is swearing in a movie.
  44. But she said the “F” word once when I was 20 yrs old…
  45. Vicki doesn’t wear jewellery – of any sort unless its a special occasion.
  46. Vicki is a morning person.  Like annoying morning person.
  47. The chimney caught fire once and she had to call the fire department… she made Randy and I clean up the living room before we could go to the muster station like we practised…
  48. Vicki is terrible when it comes to electronics Dakota can confirm this.
  49. She isn’t impressed with fame or fortune and she was clear about that with Cuba Gooding Jr.
  50. My mom rejected my friendship when I was 15.  She told me she had enough friends…
  51. She is petrified of the dark.
  52. She stole a dog once and renamed him Fred he lived until he was 17.
  53. She snores but thinks it’s my Dad that has the problem.
  54. Vicki doesn’t drink but will pretend to drink the wine.  How you wonder? She switches glasses with my Dad like no one notices…
  55. She prefers soda water to pop or juice.
  56. Vicki doesn’t add contacts to her phone – so you never know who the text msg is from
  57. She hates leftovers – so she gives them to me and I freeze them and always have a homemade meal.
  58. She shops the perimeter of Costco, never the middle where the good stuff is.
  59. She drives under the speed limit on the inland hwy even in the 90 zone.
  60. Her family is her pride & joy.


Getting’ hip with the times

Do you know how much effort and work it takes to photograph, upload & add descriptions to the things we make?! Yea, me neither – but Vicki does! She has been working on our Etsy Shop and it looks amazing!
What did I do? Well besides literally sweating over the product – I uploaded a link to this very website for everyones ease! You’re welcome!
Seriously though, we have our Etsy Shop linked to our website to make it easier for everyone to purchase our original pieces of art from Silver Jewellery to Stained Glass to Blown glass… if we make it our goal is to get it listed! Except Jelly Fish – I kid.
We have had 100% success with our shipping (Thank you again to Ms Vicki for saving all those random boxes and packing materials).  And only positive reviews thus far with the products received too – so we are feeling pretty good about this time consuming adventure.  We accept PayPal & ETransfer for online purchases, and are committed to shipping the product out as soon as possible.  (Again – thank you Vicki)