#Meet the Maker Glen Johnson

This guy! He is the man, the secret sauce, the magic, that helps us create the way we are able to. He does whine, he does sigh, and he always says “Whhhhhy Tonia?” P.S. My name is not Tonia. But he gets it done.
He has a full time job as a heavy duty mechanic, he is that guy that gets up at the crack of dawn rain, snow or shine and goes to work and comes home black with grime, grease and dirt and says “How long until dinner -” and my mom says “umm about 30 min?” and he’s says ok and heads out to his work shop.
If you have been to our studio its a big shop, dark, huge, but ghost free (I checked!) half is for Glen where he does woodworks and welding, in the back is our cold working shop where we grind and polish glass, there is a stained glass and kiln area and then one TINY lil corner is the blowing shop. Mine.
I digress – we are talking about Glen. He does beautiful works with wood and has been know for his blanket boxes. He built their house they live in too! And he plays guitar. Really well actually. When my brother was 5 he decided he wanted to play so he and my dad bought guitars and started taking lessons down at the local Music Plant in Campbell River… the two of them are very good!
He has some pretty good ideas that should be on display in time for the Comox Valley Artisans Tour in May but until then I will continue to update!!

Yew Wood

I am in love with this live edge Yew wood mirror Glen has on his workshop table.  It’s approximately 4 x 3 and gorgeous.  He has been working on his house slowly making it custom and unique in each room he touches.  This mirror will go into his custom ensuite he built these past months for Vicki – it matches the rest of the house.  Now to put my order in!

There is something to be said about pairing glass and natural elements like wood.  Rumour has it he purchased more Yew wood than what he used….