#Toni Johnson


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Toni Johnson discovered glass through her mother; Victoria Johnson.   The glass hobby quickly turned into a passion, leading Toni to Ontario where she graduated from the Crafts and Design program at Sheridan College majoring in Glass.jwp_08792web

As far as Toni can remember, she has always been a maker.  Quilting, mosaics, crocheting, and felting, she has always found herself taking from her surroundings and making beautiful things.  But her true passion lies within the hot shop where she can sand cast and blow glass.  Her work is heavy in texture and rich colors exhibiting a real west coast feel.


Artist Statement

Glass is my answer.  It is my path.  It is only when I am creating that I feel like I am going in the right direction in life.  You might think it’s the intense heat, the beauty of molten glass or the rush of completion; but that’s only part of it.  Making allows me to express myself through process, design and sometimes even the finished product.

Glass is a challenge, the process is rather cathartic, enjoying the freedom and control the glass has over me.  I am forced to push limits and sometimes explore the medium on an unconventional level which just makes my job creating that much more satisfying.  Sometimes I leave the studio feeling defeated, but every other time I leave feeling empowered and content.” ~ Toni Johnson




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