Glass Memorials

Unique Memories is made by incorporating cremated remains of a loved one, even the furry kind into a beautiful solid glass orb adding colour or not. The ash turns a beautiful almost iridescent white and sparkles within the glass.     

Each orb is made by hand, no mold is used making them each individual and original in shape, size and design.  The approximate size is about a medium size ‘apple’.  The orb is of solid glass and probably the most popular ordered.  You can choose up to three colours to add but clear is always nice too.

FREQUENT Questions-
1. Do you make glass memorials?
Yes. Although I do not blow glass every day, I do a few times per year and during those times I make the memorials. It is by first come first serve basis.

2. How long does it take?
The actually making of the orb is approximately 20-35 minutes depending on what we are doing. It takes 24 hours to cool to room temperature in the annealing oven.
I will text, email, or call and let you know the day of making and when you can pick up. I can even take a photo of the process if you like.

3. How much do they cost? And can I get a deal?
Each memorial solid orb or blown ball are $125. each
The tea light candle holders are $140. each
If you order more than three orbs, they will be $100. each
I thank you for supporting my business, my skills, and my experience when it comes to memorializing your loved one.

4. How do I go about getting an orb made?
Email me,
In that email please describe the following:

A. What it is you’re looking for, the solid orb, blown ball or tea light.
B. Colour preference, clear, blue, green, orange, yellow, etc.
C. Design. Do you like the swirly messy look or the twisted twisty look?
D. Any other questions, comments or concerns as I do understand the commitment and difficult time you may be having and want to be as informative as possible.

Be prepared to drop off the remains at the studio before the blowing sessions and to pay a non-refundable $40. deposit via PayPal or Etransfer.

5. Can I watch you make them?
On a normal day, yes. But due to social distancing it just isn’t possible and for my safety and yours – its best to do the drop off/pick up for the time being. I will though offer a photo of the making if you’d like.