Maintaining Normal

Am I just fooling myself with this normal idea? With this #Covid-19 virus everywhere and now self Isolation … things are getting real. Someone close to me has it and it a real kick in the heart and it’s tough to maintain positivity when the news, the world, social media is just telling you about the bad. So aside from making I am not watching cable, I am avoiding Facebook other than the TideLine.Org page and Instagram – if its not a cute dog photo I am not looking. I can’t – that rabbit hole of darkness is overwhelming.
So I have taking to Etsy to upload everything we make up there to stay available, to stay at the front of your minds when you think of local Campbell River Glass gals because SOON very soon life will be ok again. I also broke out my crystals, made a healing grid, and am using my Amethyst cup to calm my nerves.

So what is normal for Thursday? A throw back thats what!

Remember friends, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

March & Social Media

Karen the German Shepard
Karen the German Shepard

Hello TideLine.Org Fans! We are in our second week of March and wow. Can I just say wow! Do you know what I mean when I say that?! Time is a flyin’.
My blow slot came to a sudden halt last week when Emma my beautiful testy Denver Furnace decided she was done and blew an element. What does that mean? She is an electric 135 lb glass furnace with the element coils directly above the pot of molten glass. She gets moody with temperature change and if you look at her differently and decides to crap out on you JUST when you have a brilliant plan and idea and you are ready. Like ready! Like the morning she and I had our falling out I had my lucky blowing shirt on, a plan drawn out in my book, a list in my phone, the perfect music on (btw thank you 97.3FM), glory hole was hot and ready and I went to go in with my favourite blow pipe to a door that was stuck shut. The temperature that should be at 2120 Degrees Fahrenheit was now at 1230 Degrees…… The tears started to well. My jaw was clenched. There is not a thing you can do at this point so I packed up my Dog Karen and we headed to the Campbell River Spit.

So now what? Well, I actually enjoy business, the concepts, the stats, the research, the networkings, and the experiments to continue growth. Right now I am struggling with creating more of a following than just the amazing friends and family that are forced to “like” my Instagram and FaceBook Posts but I am learning and with that so is Victoria!
This month we have ramped up our Etsy Supply Shop for our local Campbell River, Courtenay, and Comox Valley crafters and artists who have a love for the glass medium can purchase embellishments, mosaic tiles, or jewellers we have a growing supply of them! So be sure to visit that here: ETSY SUPPLY’S

2020 Bubbles in Earth Tones
2020 Bubbles in Earth Tones

And then there is Pinterest at the moment its a love/hate – first off its addicting! I have the most amazing and magical wedding planned and as a result my carpets did not get vacuumed like I promised myself they would… the cat doesn’t mind. Also the do it yourself projects, the inspirations, the manifestation ideas I have now that include tomato gardens and a porch. Like seriously! I digress. I have been pinning TideLine.Orgs photos from this site, Etsy Sites, & Instagram... which is a lot of work but then gets me on another “Toni you should do this” note/list/To-Do… PHOTOS. As an artist that makes things we do not document as well as we should, and our pieces deserve more of that attention. GAW!!!!!! It’s a loop I continue to go around and around on…but in my humbled opinion we are getting there. We are growing, we are meeting our goals, and it feels AMAZING!

Supporting your local businesses
Supporting your local businesses

So recap:
1. Save the dates for the Comox Valley Studio Tour the Map is already posted and our profile is there too so make sure you take a look! There are a lot of participants which is pretty cool!
2. Are you an artist yourself? Do you work with Glass? Do you Mosaic? Are you a Jeweller? Journal Artist? Check out our Etsy Supply Shop! Follow it and you will get notifications when we update.
3. Do you deserve a gift from yourself? Is it your birthday? Do you have to buy a housewarming gift (do people do that still?) we have some pretty things on our TideLine.Org Etsy Shop!
4. Are you a Pinner? Help a gal out and pin some of your TideLine Favourites! I’ll love ya forever (I will even if you won’t)


I hope you noticed! So TideLine.Org has been getting a lot of my undivided attention due to my lack of procrastination in completing a Geology Course, the avoidance of housecleaning, the pieces of cold working that require water and a cold shop… So yea! #TideLine.Org is and will be getting a facelift.  2019 was incredible but 2020 I anticipate to be even more amazing! Have you heard of YouTube? What an amazing resource – like seriously I have discovered some pretty cool people, some odd individuals and some great learnings when it comes to the online world when you own and want to promote your business.

You’re all like “well yea, Toni!” but no seriously – So I have been implementing my learnings and let me just say YES! Our Instagram account has grown, our Online sales have grown and our FaceBook Page is heck of engaged! So to you – a huge THANK YOU! And to me well I am pretty proud.

So against Mothers will, I put our faces out there, it’s time people see the people behind the glass.  So no more hiding, I pledge to you more action shots, more insight into us and what makes us well us.  (Right after my Keto diet starts kicking in…)

So here is my goal for #TideLine.Org over the next few months:

  • Grow TideLines Facebook Fan Page to 5000 Likes.  What does this mean? Grows our fanbase and allows more great people to see what we are up to.
  • Grow Instagram Account to 5000 Likes.  Why? Because we make some pretty cool things and people should see them and like them.  Many things have come to us from Instagram like Networking with other business owners and being active in the arts community.
  • Achieve steady online sales on Etsy.  So we will have to maintain our 5 Star review and keep it updated!
  • Engage the Fans – plan some interesting blog posts (it’s not as easy as I feel it should be), post interesting photos & videos, more CONTESTS!
  • And as usual – come up with something #NEW & #Unique!


TLG is gettin Social


Social on the interweb that is – that’s what the kids are into these days.  Twitter (Ok we have a twitter account – just very neglected) and today have joined the Instagram community!
I have added these social media buttons to the website too! #feeling hip #uptodate #readytoshare