Regeneration in honour of Mother Earth

Isolation, not a new thing for me.  I tend to stay home most of the time,  having my work space and supplies at my finger tips is a bonus.  However; during this mandatory self isolation, that has taken over the world I have found that I am easily distracted.  From funny memes, play on words and goofy pictures of animals I find myself prosing the internet more often than not.  

Reading of mass devastation, worldwide hysteria, hoarding, running low or out of essential supplies to acts of heroism, miracles in the midst of tragedy . Hearts in the windows around the entire world, people making loud noises , sirens, cannons being set off in cheers of thanks to the medical, grocery, cleaning crews who are working so diligently to keep us safe.  

These stories, quips, antidotes have gotten me thinking.  What can I do to depict, commemorate, show my support?  Being a creative person my mind went to, what can I make?  Going through my memory bank I found that one story stood out to me, it was so positive and beautiful, it was in my opinion a gift that the whole world has been given through such a trying and scary time.  

Mother Earth was showing signs of healing, she stopped the world for only a short time and she was able to catch her breathe, to begin to heal.   Mother Earth has shown us that anything is possible, we can as humans make a difference. 

Being a mother myself, having a very strong woman for a mother as well as my Grandmothers being strong and respected ladies made me reflect on what the female truly is, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Mother Earth has been; polluted, beaten up, burned and disrespected .   She has been forgotten, mowed over and unloved yet she has come back, she has beaten the odds and is regenerating herself.  She like all women is strong, beautiful and resilient.

This piece is called regeneration in honour of Mother Earth.

Mosaic Mermaid

I don’t know what week we are in now of self isolation from this blasted Covid-19 Corona beer virus… Honestly my life hasn’t changed too much but there is this thing I do, I don’t know if this happens to others but when I am told no, I can’t do something that is all I want to do.
I am not a big shopper but suddenly I find myself shopping online in the evenings, “add to cart” continuously when really I don’t need that. And holy does the cart add up! I have refrained but its become a little obsessive. Is this boredom?
I haven’t ordered the parts to my furnace or more glass – and am taking the opportunity to complete all the projects that have been sitting since I don’t know when! Same with Vicki. The other day she came in with five stained glass pieces – all that just needed to be glued in the frames and all she said was “Yea, I wasn’t feeling it” they are beautiful!
The productivity these past few weeks is awesome and I am super grateful for that, and the opportunity available to complete things. Some items have been listed on our Etsy site for sale.
We offer free delivery in the Campbell River area, Courtenay & Comox Valley as well. Do you live further? We can arrange something – I have the time!
Anyway, I hope everyone is staying strong and doing their part to stay home and give this nasty virus an opportunity to die. Enough is enough I say!

Jelly Fish

Our Etsy Shop continues to be updated with available items… like the Jelly Fish! Yay!
Also if you didn’t know there are some Jelly Fish available to our locals on good ol’Vancouver Island at Chefs Kitchen Supplies located in Courtenay on 5th Street! So Campbell River – when you’re down in the Courtenay area at Costco, etc stop in at 5th Street and have a look at the new shop!

#MeettheArtist Toni Johnson

This week its my turn… and I really hesitated on what to say!? Who likes talking about themselves!? So here – how well do you really know me, Toni Johnson?

It is true – I went to Elementary School here, I attended Willow Point Elementary & Penfield Elementary school in Campbell River, as well as Southgate for a year back when it was a high school.
I attended Port Hardy Secondary School where I graduated and lived for 15 years.
When I was 26 years old I moved to Ontario and graduated from Sheridan College after studying Glass! I majored in Glass Blowing & minored in Sand casting. When I graduated I moved home – to Campbell River.

What I want for you to know is that I am a Glass Blower trying my absolute best always. That I strive to be on centre, thin, and want to be known- what do I mean but that? I want you to pick up my cup and say this looks like a “Toni Johnson” cup. Or when you meet another glass blower you say – “Have you heard of Toni Johnson?”
What I want for you to know is that even when I am not in the hot shop I work day and night at this beautiful business we call TideLine.Org.
I love my life, I love what I do and every day I feel absolute gratitude for it!


Throw Back Thursday is sometimes fun to look back at things you have made, where you may have been in the world and to give a lil sigh and say wow! And now I am here! Good Morning friends.
Today is another day of finishing pieces in preparation of Garden Time and of course the May Studio Tour with the Comox Valley Arts!

MERMAID in Progress

Super excited to see this beautiful Mermaid finished with the sun shining through that gorgeous BullsEye glass – that mottled glass never gets old. I say sun because today in Campbell River, BC it is beautiful outside – so nice I skipped the jacket to play frisbee with the dogs. Spring is near!!!!!
Glass on glass mosaics are tricky and once you commit to it and add the glue – there is NO turning back. Vicki is particular with this part and will most likely cut the hair several times before committing. Stay tuned for more progress.

March & Social Media

Karen the German Shepard
Karen the German Shepard

Hello TideLine.Org Fans! We are in our second week of March and wow. Can I just say wow! Do you know what I mean when I say that?! Time is a flyin’.
My blow slot came to a sudden halt last week when Emma my beautiful testy Denver Furnace decided she was done and blew an element. What does that mean? She is an electric 135 lb glass furnace with the element coils directly above the pot of molten glass. She gets moody with temperature change and if you look at her differently and decides to crap out on you JUST when you have a brilliant plan and idea and you are ready. Like ready! Like the morning she and I had our falling out I had my lucky blowing shirt on, a plan drawn out in my book, a list in my phone, the perfect music on (btw thank you 97.3FM), glory hole was hot and ready and I went to go in with my favourite blow pipe to a door that was stuck shut. The temperature that should be at 2120 Degrees Fahrenheit was now at 1230 Degrees…… The tears started to well. My jaw was clenched. There is not a thing you can do at this point so I packed up my Dog Karen and we headed to the Campbell River Spit.

So now what? Well, I actually enjoy business, the concepts, the stats, the research, the networkings, and the experiments to continue growth. Right now I am struggling with creating more of a following than just the amazing friends and family that are forced to “like” my Instagram and FaceBook Posts but I am learning and with that so is Victoria!
This month we have ramped up our Etsy Supply Shop for our local Campbell River, Courtenay, and Comox Valley crafters and artists who have a love for the glass medium can purchase embellishments, mosaic tiles, or jewellers we have a growing supply of them! So be sure to visit that here: ETSY SUPPLY’S

2020 Bubbles in Earth Tones
2020 Bubbles in Earth Tones

And then there is Pinterest at the moment its a love/hate – first off its addicting! I have the most amazing and magical wedding planned and as a result my carpets did not get vacuumed like I promised myself they would… the cat doesn’t mind. Also the do it yourself projects, the inspirations, the manifestation ideas I have now that include tomato gardens and a porch. Like seriously! I digress. I have been pinning TideLine.Orgs photos from this site, Etsy Sites, & Instagram... which is a lot of work but then gets me on another “Toni you should do this” note/list/To-Do… PHOTOS. As an artist that makes things we do not document as well as we should, and our pieces deserve more of that attention. GAW!!!!!! It’s a loop I continue to go around and around on…but in my humbled opinion we are getting there. We are growing, we are meeting our goals, and it feels AMAZING!

Supporting your local businesses
Supporting your local businesses

So recap:
1. Save the dates for the Comox Valley Studio Tour the Map is already posted and our profile is there too so make sure you take a look! There are a lot of participants which is pretty cool!
2. Are you an artist yourself? Do you work with Glass? Do you Mosaic? Are you a Jeweller? Journal Artist? Check out our Etsy Supply Shop! Follow it and you will get notifications when we update.
3. Do you deserve a gift from yourself? Is it your birthday? Do you have to buy a housewarming gift (do people do that still?) we have some pretty things on our TideLine.Org Etsy Shop!
4. Are you a Pinner? Help a gal out and pin some of your TideLine Favourites! I’ll love ya forever (I will even if you won’t)