It is scary times out there right now but what I love is how caring and understanding every is being. This seclusion, this lock down, the unknown is unreal, or surreal. I feel lost – I am not sure what I should do with myself…
I am an over thinker, a worrier and right now I need to keep busy so that is what I am doing. I am so thankful I can call this beautiful Vancouver Island my home, Campbell River has the most beautiful scenery. I have found myself at the beach with my dogs just taking in the beauty. I have been able to finish some blown glass pieces that have been sitting for ages! I have been able to also update our Etsy shop!

So with all of this being said – we are closed to the public at the moment but will continue to do our online sales and arrange delivery on an individual basis. Thank you all for your continued support!

So it isn’t all bad… right??!

Stay safe World – and wash your hands!

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