Be Like Karen

This year, nothing, I mean nothing has gone according to my plans – and yet I still don’t learn. For years my plans have been flops, my great ideas, my life goals… all, complete failures and yet I continue to try. I continue to sketch, to plan, to dream, to hope, why do we do that? I say “we” because I would really like to not be alone on this one.
In high school I failed CAPP class (Career & personal planning) and my mom was called and it was a big thing – because I said I want to be married & be a mother. Apparently that was too easy! HA! We will save that for another blog post.. but my point is who cares?! At the age of 18 – NOTHING I wanted, set a goal for exists in my life today. And honestly, thank God! What does an 18 year old know about what a *ahem* 28 year old would want?!
At 18 I didn’t even know Glass blowing was a thing. Imagine if we only did what we decided to do at 18.. I’d be stuck in Manitoba teaching music.. again another blog post for another time.
This year didn’t go according to my vision board, to my plans but it led me to knew thoughts, new people, new ideas, and new paths and dreams. (I think). I read a few books that led me to new perspectives in life, like just give it to God – who cares. Just let it go. Take responsibility for your own life, whether its lemons or whatever and go with it.
Have you met my moms dog Karen? She is a year old German Shepard, teeny thing, beautiful face, and this presence about her that just lives in the moment and loves every minute in that moment. She has a bum leg, she came in as a foster dog with no name, the breeder fell in love with her even though she is disabled and couldn’t bring herself to put her down. My mom – fell in love with her story, before falling love with her face said “I’ll take her”. Karen makes everyone smile, not only because of her smile, but her zest. She runs with the other dogs, behind them, way behind them but she is the girl that finishes the loop and never gives up. She doesn’t know life is easier for the rest of the pack, she lives her life oblivious to how the other dogs live theirs. Karen took responsibility for the life she was given and she is living it to the fullest. This year it sounds silly to take life advice from a dog but I am telling you all – be a Karen. If she can do it, we can do it.


2020 will be a year for the record books for sure, and I could focus on the negative but you could also just watch the News for that… So I will say this, I am thankful for my experiences, of course there has been tears and worry, but there has been good too. I started a new job (stressful but amazing too), I bought a Spin Bike and made virtual friends riding virtual rides to music and actually smiling while sweating… Spending this time at home is a love/hate experience for sure but I think I will come out a better person for it.
I feel and I know Vicki does to the ultimate gratitude in my heart when it comes to TideLine and the overwhelming support this world has given us. Canada – not just Campbell River, or Port Hardy, or Vancouver Island even, the United States… my tumblers are in New York City. It’s an incredible feeling having complete strangers contact you and like your stuff. To trust you to make them a memorial orb of their loved one. It sounds silly, but I never felt like a good enough glass blower to classify myself in the same category as some of the famous blowers out there… but I think I might be a glass blower – not the best, rarely on centre but I think I might just be.
I really enjoyed this year in the hot shop, I loved making the tumblers, the Orbs… yes even the hundreds of Tidal Balls. I’ve been working with my Dad with some new ideas – and guess what Ill be doing while you are all watching the Grinch who stole Christmas? Thats right – standing where I feel the most at home, in front of my glory hole.
My family was pretty stern about December 25 no blowing glass… but I can be pretty annoying, persistent, naggy even that they will begging me to go outside and make some glass!
Thank you. To each and everyone of you, Have a Merry Christmas, and be a Karen!

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