Officially Spring & Air Plants

Oh thank you universe we made it! Spring is here, winter is done. The plants are sprouting, the air is warmer. Although we are still in this weird Covid-19 virus epidemic where we are stuck at home alone in seclusion away from other people… but the sun is shining! I will probably go out and enjoy beautiful Campbell River from the ocean floating around on my paddle board.
I have been behind the scenes on the creativity side – I have been struggling with some cold working ideas, sand blasting etc so occupying my mind with our Etsy site. I love the stats, the numbers, the competition. There is so much research that goes into social media – when should you post on FaceBook, what should you post on Instagram… and how many listings you should post on Etsy and then there are search tags. OMG overwhelming! But oh so fascinating and challenging.

So if you’ve seen TideLine’s air plants – the glass holders are for sale and available on ETSY! Sale for Canadians is 30% until April 1 code TIDELINE. Also other items listed is my Chakra inspired garden bells… bright and fun for the outdoor patio!

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