Holy Tumblers Batman!

What a great time I have been having in the hot shop these past couple of months – with the upcoming garden shows I am doing I feel a little pressure now to complete some Tidal Balls and Sea Stars…. BUT! I made tumblers.
I love the thought of functional vs. things.  What is the purpose of a crystal glass that sits in the cabinet and collects dust? Please promise me, if you fall in love with one of my cups that you use it! Use it for your chocolate milk, juice, soda water… wine! Use it.  That is why I made it.  Maybe I’ll interview potential buyers and ask “and what is your intention with this handmade cup?”

I attended a Rock & Gem Show in Port Alberni a while ago and purchased some beautiful crystals – I wish glass was compatible with natural stones but it isn’t.  But I couldn’t get it out of my head, glass and crystals – the healings, the raw beauty.  So I experimented – yes I did.  I took time to relearn, learn, and let go and try something new.  And as most experiments go the first few tries are ugly but you see the idea, the potential and you keep at it.  For the first time in a very long time I got out my sketch book and I started scribbling ideas. Functional/healing – crystals. Something was there.  I used clear glass to really feature the crystal, the crystal of choice of course is amethyst, one of my favourites.  My thought is the person drawn to the cup is looking for the energy from the stone, whichever you’re attracted to whether it be amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, etc. you would get what you needed when you drink from the glass, and when your thumb makes connection with the stone.  Perhaps thats function on a whole new level?

I didn’t stop there – I have been playing with the chakra colours for a little over a year now and I thought how can I incorporate that into my functional tumblers – well.  I made murrini– its layers of colour pulled to create repeating patterns in glass.  Some glass blowers are pretty serious about their murrini and cane pulling but I am a little more laxadaisy (made up word?) and enough the organic look of glass vs. the perfect and disciplined.  Regardless, I made Chakra coloured murrini and had been experimenting with that and decided to start there – chakra murrini tumblers.  And maybe a crystal, a rose quartz crystal.  The color blew out and at first I was disappointed but now I love how the colors blend like they are painted with a brush.  They are soft and each are different.  These might be my favourites if I had to choose.

Continuing with the chakra colours I thought maybe the murrini isn’t saying what I am trying to show – so I poured the frit (glass colour) on my table in a line and rolled my pipe on top to pick up every colour of the chakra and continue that way.  Love.  Needless to say they turned out beautiful and am excited to make more.  






These guys will be on display among other new pieces yours truly and Vicki have come up with at our up coming show – where you ask? Why Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens Art & Bloom Festival of course! May 18, 19, & 20.  Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm and Monday 10am – 4pm.  

Red Roses

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~ William Arthur Ward

Today was a great day, weather wise it was perfect, breakfast was delicious, I saw my family, and I got to blow glass.  I was so grateful to my friend Bob McLeod for reaching out to me a few weeks ago when my Emma’s element broke and offered me access to his studio.  What I didn’t expect was to meet another glass blower, Suzi! It’s been a long time, like ten years since I got to assist someone in the hotshop, run ideas by another like minded person – it was just a great day!
I worked on some special pieces today, Christmas gifts to others.  Tonight, reflecting on my day, and the loss that has surrounded my friends I just need everyone in my life to know they are important to me.  That I do love you.

The Sea Star is said to be sensory creatures, nerves that run from their center to the tip of their limbs. It facilitates feelings such as strong, patient, magical, renewing, healing, sensitive, perception to name a few.

This past year with TideLine has been another successful year and your continued love and support is appreciated.  We, Vicki and myself just feel so blessed and look forward to another year creating with glass.  So Thank you! Happy Holidays, kiss your loved ones, and Merry Christmas!

The last of the clear

I dunno if you’re aware out there but there is a bit of glass crisis… Spectrum 96 cullet is a thing of the past.  What is Spectrum 96 cullet you ask? Spectrum is a glass brand, 96 is the coefficient rate of expansion… its the science behind melting glass and cullet is the glass chunks you melt down in the furnace to blow with.  I have a full furnace of clear glass melting right now – like I said the last of the clear.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday I will be using the rest of the precious clear glass and then charging the furnace with the recycled ugly glass until I can solve my glass dilemma.

If you have been in contact about memorial orbs this weekend is the weekend to make it happen – after I use the recycled glass, the glass will no longer be clear it will be a transparent steel blue in color and not idea for memorial pieces.

I plan on making urchins, sea stars and maybe a few other things… I am looking forward to the this weekend, the warmth, and just being home.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Weekend Update

Sea stars – I have become obsessed with them! I have spent days practicing the Sea Stars and I think I may have figured them out while experimenting with different color combinations… I will post pictures soon.  14095831_10157275515745335_4090003320257262911_n



The glass world can get lonely at times – and when someone shows an interest in this hot sport you tend to get a little excited! Yesterday I invited a young guy into the studio who expressed some interest in the molten material.  He reminded me of my first days in the shop – when all you would hear is “turn, keep turning, heat it up, get it hotter, turn, its too cold”.   He reminded me of the love you must have, and the curiosity that forces you to endure the difficult material.  For a first timer his paper weights turned out pretty awesome!



“Glassblowing is an animal unto itself. It requires skill, knowledge, physical strength and respect.” – William Morris

One week…

12742474_10153419307297285_5112929306923496848_nUgh – what do you do on a sunny day off when your glass furnace is turned off?! It has only been a week and well I am feeling antsy to get back in there.  I was just getting the hang of the Sea Stars and I wanted to try some fancy Tidal Balls – and the glass is cold!
I looked at my calendar and I have decided to turn Emma back on for September 4 and then! On my three day weekend I can get my fix.
The Hotshop should be ready for September 9,10, & 11.  Maybe today I will just clean out the shop and get it ready… Wishing you all beautiful Sunday.

Life in the HotShop!

Whose bright idea was it to turn on a 2130 degrees Fahrenheit furnace mid summer?!?!? Today after three and a half hours in the hotshop I felt ill.  My head was pounding, my body was over heating, and was feeling nausea.  I haven’t felt like that since college.  I had a blast!

I also made a point of taking a Encaustic class from Nadia Rieger  at PJ’s Art Supplies here in good ol’ Campbell River with my good friend Ellie.  At first I was a little intimidated – but as we worked through our piece step by step I was feeling pretty proud with the results.  Can I repeat this at my kitchen table? No, probably not.  BUT! I do have some ideas for Nadia’s part deux class.  13669697_273828036322523_9172462887784883924_n 13680862_273827976322529_2881535667545673124_n 13901522_273827832989210_2582579586104182382_n

Update from Vicki

Well the glory hole, pipe warmer and glass furnace are UP and Running ….oh ya here we go…..New from Tideline this year you ask…..well.. we are all about making memories….Beach memories where we will pour molten glass over your findings, set them into glass windows, plantstakes or driftwood preserving your beach memories for a life time. Whats that ? you know all that? Well here is something you do not know 🙂 we are now able to take a wee sock from your favorite toes and make and cast it in glass, frame it seal in the memory forever. We are also able to take the ashes of your beloved pet in case them in glass in the form of a pendant, paper weight etc……We have lots of exciting things coming up and are very excited to share with everyone .