My Dad always says being married to Vicki is like being married to Lucille Ball… because you never know what she’s going to get up to and into.  If you know Vicki – she is always trying something new, creating the trend, and coming up with something you’d never think of on your own. Her […]

Can not get enough of the Chakra Colors.  They are so bright, bold, and energetic! The color not only works in glass but looks awesome as soy candles too! Vicki has been hard at work experimenting with her candle making skills – I love burning these candles.  They are not scented, and because they are […]

I think I was pretty broken and lost -actually I know I was when I discovered glass.  I have my mom to thank for that (the discovery of glass, not my broken heart).  She has always been someone who has been curious of making and I guess I have a bit of that in myself.  […]

Well the glory hole, pipe warmer and glass furnace are UP and Running ….oh ya here we go…..New from Tideline this year you ask…..well.. we are all about making memories….Beach memories where we will pour molten glass over your findings, set them into glass windows, plantstakes or driftwood preserving your beach memories for a life […]

My Dad always says he loves being married to Vicki because he never ever knows what he will come home to! She is always trying something new… Shes at it again! This time she has taken some of her favorite colors and textures of stained glass and framed it into a piece of driftwood from […]