Lucille Ball

My Dad always says being married to Vicki is like being married to Lucille Ball… because you never know what she’s going to get up to and into.  If you know Vicki – she is always trying something new, creating the trend, and coming up with something you’d never think of on your own.
Her last creation lives up to her reputation – candle holders… she has spent months mastering the technique, fine tuning it, experimenting, (in my side of the shop too) only to come up with these beauties.

Spring is here!

Can not get enough of the Chakra Colors.  They are so bright, bold, and energetic! The color not only works in glass but looks awesome as soy candles too! Vicki has been hard at work experimenting with her candle making skills – I love burning these candles.  They are not scented, and because they are soy they burn clean.






The Nanoose Garden show is fast approaching which means that I will be turning on the furnace to blow some glass May 6 – 14! Times to be announced.  What will I be making? Things for the garden, Tidal balls, maybe some castings – we will see! And some cups – for candles just because!


Vicki and I are done! We are so thankful for such a successful weekend at the filberg lodge! What an incredible turn out and supportive bunch the comox valley is! What a fun weekend.  it’s weekends like this that encourage us to keep making, inspire us to create more, and fulfill our creative minds.  Driftline
This season Vicki expanded her tideline’s and created a more organic twist to them – driftlines.  We sold out! They were a hit!
During my time in the hotshop I really wanted to blow sea urchins but couldn’t figure it out for weeks – until a jelly fish top went terribly wrong.  The sea urchins were a hit! I cannot wait to get back into the hotshop and make more, improve them, add some color… the ideas are never ending!



I think I was pretty broken and lost -actually I know I was when I discovered glass.  I have my mom to thank for that (the discovery of glass, not my broken heart).  She has always been someone who has been curious of making and I guess I have a bit of that in myself.  I know I am afraid of the new, of change.  I think it’s just part of my controlling nature.
I think that loss and death is part of life, no one seems to get through life avoiding it.  It hurts.  And it changes you.  I find comfort in the natural, in the universe, faith, essential oils, and studying the 7 Chakras and its healing powers.  na07
My mom was the one that brought up the idea of the Chakra colors in the hotshop – talk about bringing something so beautiful and relaxing into my happy place.  Well it wasn’t! Let me tell you – 7 colors were not fun to blow out at once – I felt like a newbie for the entire blow slot on Sunday! It was awful.
But! After a good sleep I tried again.  The results were amazing.  I am so in love with the bright vibrant colors – they just say love and positive energy!

Update from Vicki

Well the glory hole, pipe warmer and glass furnace are UP and Running ….oh ya here we go…..New from Tideline this year you ask…..well.. we are all about making memories….Beach memories where we will pour molten glass over your findings, set them into glass windows, plantstakes or driftwood preserving your beach memories for a life time. Whats that ? you know all that? Well here is something you do not know 🙂 we are now able to take a wee sock from your favorite toes and make and cast it in glass, frame it seal in the memory forever. We are also able to take the ashes of your beloved pet in case them in glass in the form of a pendant, paper weight etc……We have lots of exciting things coming up and are very excited to share with everyone .

Change is good!

11933451_10153571746326228_5187241265278921804_nMy Dad always says he loves being married to Vicki because he never ever knows what he will come home to! She is always trying something new… Shes at it again! This time she has taken some of her favorite colors and textures of stained glass and framed it into a piece of driftwood from right here on our own beach!11905765_10153571746316228_8744646198828201679_n