Sea Stars

Sunday I spent my afternoon in the hot shop here warming up with some sea stars… and got so into it that by the time I had realized what I had done there was no more space left in the annealer for anything else.  Whoops! So I got about 20 star fish give or take a few made up in purples, and a couple in my new coffee brown color.  Not bad.  Maybe tomorrow Ill make some orange ones to go with them.
Or not.  Maybe the sea stars have been done now and Ill find something else that suits my fancy.  Someone asked me for a ring holder… how hard can that be?!
Anyway, suffice to say I enjoyed my time alone in the heat with my music going and no thoughts but glass ones!
TLG still has their sale going on, you choose your discount at the till from a  bin… 10 – 40 % off… a few gifts in there too…

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